Macro Monday Is An Anxiety Toothbrush

Kinda love this photo. It is very clearly a toothbrush with intense anxiety. What gives a toothbrush anxiety? It sounds like a joke, but I really don’t know. Plaque? Whatever. (FYI: “Anxiety Toothbrush” is the name of my Jaeger robot in PACIFIC RIM 3.) Point is, I like this photo, and it’s a new macro, so please enjoy it. Or don’t. You’re not my puppet.



The other day, I took this photo:

And today, I took this photo:

So obviously, spring has been radicalized by winter. Visiting weird Winter Forums and hanging out on Winterstagram. Learning its ways.

Stupid weather.

Also, this photo:

Which, obviously, is a very colorful egg from a very colorful bird.

And now it’s hatching.

OR MAYBE IT IS AN EGG THAT I DYED and uhh, dropped?

Shut up.

So! What’s going on? How’s everybody doing?

Here’s what’s new in Wendigville:

Both Atlanta Burns and its sequel, The Hunt, are on sale in e-book right now at Amazon for $0.99 — which puts the first book as the, erm, #1 seller in Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Physical & Emotional Abuse Fiction category. Which is a thing that exists, I guess. And is a thing that roughly tells you the tenor of these books, so please: assume a trigger warning for, like, *gestures widely* all the things.

And also reminder that I’ll be joining the mighty Kevin Hearne and freshly-Hugo-nominated Fran Wilde at the Doylestown Bookshop this coming Saturday (Doylestown, PA) at 7PM. Kevin is releasing the newest — and final! — Iron Druid book, so Fran and I are happy to help him celebrate this release. Be there or be frowned upon from a great distance.

I also pitched a new book to my editor at Del Rey, and she seemed to dig it, so I’m off to the races on that one — time to start doing research and plotting a rough outline and imbibing various hallucinogenic draughts. I mean, ha ha, what.

And that’s it for me, folks.

Have an excellent week, and remember:



  • It’s supposed to be Autumn/Fall here in Australia, but it’s not – not really. I’ve been cleaning up the garden, pulling out weeds and mowing the lawn. The laundry never dries, and this long weekend was supposed to be a cool relaxing one and it’s turned into something totally different… you know, stressful as hell!

    One of my friends asked me to go to court and be a character witness for her against her husband… um… no. I’m not doing that when I never saw any violence against her from him or his family – and they’re a nice family. So, I’m here at home while this friend is mad at me. Oh well… I can’t do much about how she feels – right?

    Otherwise, I’ve been binge-watching ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and reading Ray Bradbury and writing flash fiction… as well as decluttering my house during this weekend. All good things for me to do.

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