Macro Monday Asks, What The Fuck Is This Fish, Seriously, WTF

Whilst in Florida, we went to the J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve on Sanibel Island, and I saw a bird — a white ibis, I believe — fishing at low tide. The bird stabbed into the water and withdrew what looked to be a fish, though upon closer examination, that’s a weird fish. I’m sure it is a fish, and I’m sure it’s not a cryptozoological find, but — well, take a look and tell me what you see.

(Note: click the pic to embiggen it.)

Here’s another bird — a snowy egret:

Let’s see, what else is going on?

WELL, tomorrow Alabama tries to elect a credibly-alleged child molester, so that’s fun. And the FCC is voting to dismantle Net Neutrality, which may one day mean you won’t be able to reach this website unless you pay more or I sign up with some special host or — well, the possibilities there are endless, but do understand that Net Neutrality going away means your Internet experience will suddenly be a lot more like your Cable TV experience. As with all things, call your reps, make noise, use, use Resistbot, whatever you gotta do.

Couple of my books this week are getting the EL CHEAPO e-book treatment

Atlanta Burns

Atlanta Burns: The Hunt

Each is $0.99.

Note, these are trigger warning-laden. Assume there’s a lotta dark-bad stuff going on in these books. But, as a bonus, there’s also a lot of punching and shooting small-town Nazis, so?

Also, if you’ve read any of my books, leaving a review of said books is a super helpful thing you can do. Especially with a book like Damn Fine Story, whose sales are strong, but who could use more reviews on a site like Amazon.

Is there more going on?


At the end of the week is The Last Jedi, which I’m deeply geeked for, and contrary to people’s beliefs, I know literally nothing about the movie. I mean, no more than the average individual; I am no longer privy to Special Secret Star Wars Stuff. (Well, at least, nothing related to this movie.) I’m just a regular Citizen of the GFFA, folks.

Also, if you spoil the movie for anybody, you will be thrown into the Mighty Sarlacc, where you will be digested blah blah blah thousand years blah blah blah angry desert tentacle butthole.

Have a nice Monday!