A Review Of The 2017 Film, Baby Driver

Sometimes, there comes a time when authors tweet. Sometimes, those authors are Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig. Sometimes, someone collects those tweets into a big pile of tweets — or whatever the collective noun is for tweets, a tortle of tweets or a twibble or a twain maybe — and then that someone puts them here at this blog where you can read them. So read them, already.

A Review Of The 2017 Film, Baby Driver


  • Silly me for actually expecting a review of Baby Driver. But also, this “review” might have been more entertaining to me than Baby Driver. So, all things considered, I call it a win. N

  • Movie car races/chases never do anything for me. I’d rather *be* the one going *fast*. Second best is actually being there when someone else is going fast…like my brother in his El Camino at a drag strip. Go Elkyman!

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