Macro Monday Hits The Road

It is time, good people of the intertubes, for me to leave you.

*gets in a spaceship*

*waits for spaceship to take off*

*finds out spaceship is actually just a pillow fort my 6-year-old built*

*stays in there anyway, drinking cocoa, because fuck yeah, pillow forts and cocoa*

OKAY NO I’m not actually escaping the gravity of this planet.

I’m hitting the road in support of Damn Fine Story, out tomorrow. (And, if we’re being totally honest, I have already left on a big airplane and should already be on the Leftmost Coast.)


While out here, I am joining Kevin Hearne (Plague of Giants!) and Fran Wilde (The Bone Universe!) and popping off to a trio of really cool events that you should totally go to. No, I don’t care where you live, you should go. Go now. Get there. Steal a car. Cling to the wing of a plane like a gremlin, I don’t care, just get it done.

Where we will be:

October 17th, San Francisco, Borderlands Books, 6pm — details here.

October 18th, Portland/Beaverton, Powell’s Books, 7pm — details here.

October 19th, Seattle, University Temple Church, 7pm — details here.


Oh and fine, you want a macro, here goes:

Autumnal drops! Not a new shot, but I like it.