NaNoWriMo Prep: Bundle On Sale


My Mega-Book Bundle is on sale for the rest of the month of October to celebrate the oncoming CREATIVE ONSLAUGHT of WORD SAUCE that will come GEYSERING OUT OF YOUR MINDHOLE. Ahem, aka, National Novel Writing Month.

The bundle is 50% off with coupon code: NANOCTOBER.

To buy:

Click here.

Enter code. $20 becomes $10.

Celebrate by pouring eight writing books on your head, with a bonus two novels (the Mookie Pearl duology) to shove in your maw afterward.

Alternatively, if you already have the bundle, hey, guess what’s coming October 17th? Damn Fine Story, my new book on storytelling and narrative, which features elk, surfer dogs, missing fingers, storytelling advice, Star Wars, Die Hard, and more.

Pre-order that now: Indiebound | Amazon | B&N.


  • Super excited for Damn Fine Story! I’m studying narrative theory, transmedia storytelling, and story practices in new media for my senior thesis/creative project. Definitely trying to quote and reference as many of my favorite storytellers as possible!

  • How did you know that I have not a clue what to write this year? You’re a brilliant man, Chuck… brilliant!

    But I’m going to look through your book ‘The Kick-Ass Writer’ … see if I can get some ideas out of that that – it normally works out when I delve into that book. 😀

  • October 7, 2017 at 7:46 PM // Reply

    You might SAY your new book is coming October 17th, but here it is only the 7th and lo and behold there it was on the shelf at B&N this afternoon.
    So now it is MINE! 😀

  • I’ve been searching the site for tiddly bits of insight on writing short stories spun off from novels and had no luck. Thought I’d as ya for directions or if maybe there could be a “25* things” post in the future about that? I have a series I’m working on but I would like to write a few shorties spun off from them to help promote when I (possibly) SP.

    BTW, the bundle is absolutely entertaining, thought provoking and has helped a lot in those moments of “Holy shit, how do I fix this?” moments.


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