Macro Monday Appears On Friday To Deliver My NYCC Schedule

This weekend, I am off to one of the WILD ISLANDS OF CANADA, Pelee Island, to teach a pair of writing workshops to willing and pliable minds, and then after that, I’m off like a rocket to New York Comic-Con. (Hence why I’m dropping this post early, so you have that schedule in hand, should you so require it.)

My schedule, whilst there, is as follows —

– Friday, October 6th, 2-6pm, Worldbuilders Party at the Hudson Mercantile Building! I’ll be running a RPG session there of Hunter: The Vigil, so if you want to join me for dice-rolling, monster-hunting goodness, and you wanna be charitable in the process, sign up — we have four slots remaining.

– Saturday, October 7th, 11am – 12:30pm, From A Certain Point of View panel at the Hudson Mercantile, where a bunch of the authors and Del Rey folks behind the 40th anniversary Star Wars anthology get together and froth mirthfully over our shared love of the GFFA.

– Sunday, October 8th, 11am – 12:00pm, Signing at the Star Wars booth, #2104-C





And tons of charity (since the 40th anthology is also a charity anthology)!

Come say hi.

Come touch the beard.

Come stare into my eyes and see the spiders that hide there ha ha I mean, what, that’s not a thing, there are no spiders behind my eyes.


What else is going on?

I appeared on the Beltway Banthas podcast to talk politics and Star Wars. It was a blast, some of the most fun I’ve had on a podcast lately.

I am now watching The Good Place and why didn’t I do that before? It’s amazing. (I tried watching the first episode last year and it didn’t strike me as funny enough or clever enough and I tried again this year and — well, I was way forking wrong, holy shirt.)

Damn Fine Story is coming soon, October 17th. e-Book preorder now up. See you in San Fran (Oct 17th), Portland (18th) or Seattle (19th!) to sign books with Kevin Hearne and Fran Wilde? Maybe? BE THERE OR BE SQUARE which is to say I will shove you in a box and send you to Abu Dhabi, Garfield-style. Mondays, am I right?

Preorder for the 5th (and penultimate) Miriam Black book, The Raptor & The Wren, is up now too, so make with the clicky-clicky. That releases in January, and it features one of the most… um, startling third acts of any book I’ve written, setting up the last book, Vultures.

Invasive is… back to $3.99? For reasons? Shit, man, I dunno. You want it, grab it.

Exeunt is now up to around 190,000 words, and it, uhh, isn’t done yet. It was due this week, but thankfully, the editor is like, JUST MAKE IT GOOD, so I’m working real hard to do exactly that. It’s turned into a big, unruly novel, but I like to hope it’s got something special going on with its The Stand meets Station Eleven vibe.

I have other newsy-bits I can’t share. But they’re good!


*jetpacks into the ceiling fan*


(Oh, the macro at the top is an ugly but wonderful russet apple.)

(Also, here’s a webworm moth.)