Flash Fiction Challenge: Good Vs. Evil

Given my choice of mid-day horror film (IT, which was great), I ask that today’s flash fiction challenge be a simple one:

You have 1000 words to write a story about good versus evil. In whatever context you choose, in whatever genre you choose.

Do that, and do it well.

Post at your online space.

Due here by September 15th (Fri), noon EST.

63 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Good Vs. Evil”

    • This piece left me thinking a lot about how we label our children. And how sometimes they live up to those expectations and sometimes they surprise us. What a great concept to explore. I want to know what was in that brochure and whether this is part of a larger story.

    • Parents have a certain way of looking at their children throughout history; and this piece really struck me as something I can relate to. Being the youngest, my parents just don’t trust me in any way… don’t know why, they just don’t. My older brother can do anything, go anywhere, and be whatever he wants to be. However, when it comes to me, I get the feeling I’m being treated as though I’m like Lily in this piece…

      yep, parents can’t control their children forever… but some of them try to.

    • I guess this is for me. I’m not sure I’d feel for the priest… perhaps I didn’t manage to convey exactly what happens there…

      • I think you did fine. I have two ideas about what is going on with the priest, and either way I feel for him, because there is torment there, and you do a good job showing it and building it up.

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