In Which My Technology Punches Me In The Crotch Region



Here’s what happened:

I got the one-two punch of:

a) my website stopped loading for me (still for you, just not for me)

b) my computer started to, in slow-motion, shit the bed — it would slow down and freeze and be wildly inconsistent. It was like watching someone choke on a hoagie through frosted glass.


(Less annoying but considerably weirder — Sam Sykes and I did that slasher thing last week, and it went cuckoo viral, and now I think we were made the Lord Regents of Twitter or something, so that happened.)

So, it took me many moons to get both of these tech problems sorted in good order, but sorted they are. I have a new computer (basically the same computer, an iMac that’s just four years newer) and turns out my web host was blocking my IP ha ha ha what fun.

We will once again try to return to some semblance of normalcy.

In other news:

I hit 100,000 words on the current manuscript (Exeunt), and I did that in two months (!), and I think this book still has another 100,000 words to go (?!), so wish me a big screaming bushel of fucking luck. Also the book probably sucks, but that’s why Jesus invented “second drafts.”


It’s got dinosaurs! And fascism! And fascist dinosaurs! And a guy who will shoot arrows into fascist dinosaurs!

It’s out where comics are sold.

Including Comixology.

I hope you check it out.

Tomorrow, keep your grapes peeled for a couple guest posts, and then next week we will ideally resume normal service at These Here Bloggerypages.

In the meantime, here have a pretty picture of a dragonfly I took.


  • Yea we like Dragon Flies, House flies, not so much. Weird fact, I’ve done this myself. If you get a dragonfly in your house, or shed or whatever, get a stick, something like a cane but a broom handle will do, and hold it close to where the dragonfly is getting agitated, they tent to get a tad upset indoors. You have to be a bit patient but eventually the dragonfly will settle on the end of the stick and you transfer it outside. I got my first really close look at a dragonfly doing this. Don’t know it works with damsel flies though.

  • I’m not usually a comic reader but fascist dinosaurs sounds awesome. It might be time to try out a new genre. I blame you 100% if I get sucked in and start buying comics all willy nilly.

  • “my computer started to, in slow-motion, shit the bed — it would slow down and freeze and be wildly inconsistent.”

    *goes into multiple flashbacks involving lost data*

  • Bugger about your computer… and yes, I’ve had that happen to my past computers over the years (car crash happening in slow-mo, and you can do diddly about it!). Now, I have a gorgeous, black and white computer my neighbour’s ex-bf got for me (and I paid him back) and now he’s trying to get it off me to sell for drugs (isn’t that always the way????).

    So glad you’ve got everything sorted out though… and the slasher thing was fun!

    Dude, we must do that again. 😀

  • That thread was HILARIOUS. Beautiful. But I wish McConnell had happened upon the corpse and mask instead of Sam. Or Ryan even. Cause, you know, then maybe they’d lose next election. Maybe. Still, I’m looking forward to the sequel. Also, man, way to be there for your friend in need. Props.

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