Macro Monday Snags Snap Wexley

That there is a macro of a toy Temmin “Snap” Wexley figure. I like it.


Let’s see. What’s going on?

I might have the blog up and down this week as I try to get through and figure out the whole “suddenly it’s sending mails from WordPress and not terribleminds” problem.

I’ll have a cool COMICS-RELATED announcement today or tomorrow, so watch this space.


I have some release-date shuffles, which will disappoint some, I fear.

The Raptor & The Wren and Vultures have both moved — SAGA / S&S felt it better to spread the release dates out instead of keeping them close. They were originally scheduled to all come out within one year — so, Thunderbird, then six months later, R&R, then six months later, Vultures. But they want to spread them out — which was not really the plan, and I’m bummed that this is the case, but that’s life in Big Publishing, yo.

So, new dates, roughly, will be that the next two books will come out each January, respectively. The Raptor & The Wren will hit in January 2018, and Vultures will hit in January 2019. The good news, one supposes, is that Miriam’s journey won’t be over quite so quickly — you’ve got new Miriam Black books for the next two-ish years.

Also! It looks like Damn Fine Story, my next writing book — this one focused not on writing so much as the act of storytelling — lands in October. Currently, October 4th, I believe. Cover reveal incoming soon, I expect! You can pre-order now at Indiebound and Amazon.

OH and one final disappointment:

I will not be making it to the Bay Area Book Fest. I know. I know! I am bummed. I love that area and was excited for this one. Though the desire is high, some other local obligations are keeping me here, so regrettably I’m having to bow out. I hope to make it there one day yet.


As recompense, I offer this photo of two doggos.