Macro Monday Goes Big And Then Goes Home


Okay, not that epic in the grand scheme of things, but epic enough for me —

In addition to ending up at Wondercon and SWCO, then in the subsequent week I left for LA, and stayed out West for two weeks. Therein I hit LA Times Festival of Books, StokerCon, and the Northern Colorado Writers’ Conference in Fort Collins. I passed through and stayed in Vegas, Moab, Ouray, and Denver.

I got to be on a ghostly Murderboat; I hung with pals like Ben LeRoy, Brian Edward Hill, Holli Moncrieff, Bill Bridges, Matt Fucking Wallace, Stephen Blackmoore, Paul Tremblay, Nika Harper, John Scalzi, Dan Goldman, James Sutter, and Kevin Hearne, and more; I came to the realization that extraterrestrials are totally trending again; I slept in a hotel room with paper thin walls and heard a threesome unspool at 4:30 in the goddamn morning; I threw dice with George R.R. Martin; I killed a man in Reno just to watch him die; I ate a donut covered in Fruity Pebbles; I realized Hershey’s chocolate now tastes kinda pukey; I signed a lotta damn books; I killed another man in Reno, this time for his Nintendo Switch; I had a revelation about sadness and beauty; LeRoy and I tried to master the art of astrophotography and we came up woefully short with a great many photos of dire fucking darkness; I tamed a ghostly elk and it showed me the way to a canyon where I made love to a waterfall and learned the secrets of the universe; I traveled first class on a plane for the first time and enjoyed the complimentary prostate massage by an ancient purveyor of the art; I drove a total of 1200 miles; I came home.

You can see the Flickr album of the trip here.

Please to enjoy.