Macro Monday Appears In A Snap (Wexley)

Macro shots of toys are such fun. That one is a snap of, ahem, Snap Wexley holding his blaster.

Before we do anything else, let us dispense with the winners of the first official Macro Mystery contest — again, if you missed it, the answers to what the photos depicted are:

1. dead leaf

2. dirty icicle

3. dish draining / drying rack for kids

4. the lip of a Chemex

5. decrepit baseball

6. tip of whipped cream can

7. metal handle of umbrella (with rain on it)

8. little cairns of baby powder

9. ice crystals on chocolate ice cream

10. raspberry sauce dripping from fork tines

11. this was a hard one — back engines of Transformer toy, Jetfire

12. wine sediment and stain at bottom of wine glass

13. wet shower scrubby

14. ice and frost on car windshield

15. waterdrop on blueberry

Picking a winner was hard, because three of you got a number of them very specifically, but then were really close — in the ballpark — on some other entries.

So, I’m listing three of you:




If you are one of these three, bounce me an email @ terribleminds at gmail.

What else is going on?

Again, I’ll be at Star Wars Celebration this next week. Loose schedule here.

Speaking of Star Wars, I’m also going to be a part of one of the coolest projects ever: From A Certain Point of View, a charity anthology that tells 40 different stories from 40 different characters experiencing the events of Star Wars: A New Hope — released for the 40th anniversary of that film. It’s got an unholy host of awesome people attached, including COOL HUMANS like Adam Christopher, Delilah S. Dawson, Daniel Older, Nnedi Okorafor, Mur Lafferty, Jason Fry, Madeline Roux, Gary Whitta, Rae Carson, EK Johnston, and more.

Also, I finally realized my dream of appearing in the (digital) pages of Playboy magazine, where I am featured nude and greased up, beard-wrestling with Fellow Author John Hornor Jacobs — sadly, though, they felt our lubricated grappling was “just too sexy” for the magazine and that several people in the office who were handling those files had to be taken to the hospital for “the vapors.” As such, they instead decided to run an interview I did with JHJ about his work.

Go forth and have yourself a Merry Little Monday.

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