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Only a handful of hours left in the expertly-crafted cage-match of Miriam Black versus Suri over at Unbound Worlds. Go vote! And vote for Miriam or she’ll send birds to peck out your kidneys! Props to Michael Sullivan, who wrote Miriam’s final moments with glorious bad-assery.

You wanna read a killer Thunderbird review from Adventures in Poor Taste? Excerpt:

As always, Miriam Black is a dark delight to read; a bizarrely perfect blend of nobility and nihilism, struggling with her own demons as hard as she fights those who would do harm to an innocent person or someone she’s pretending she doesn’t care about.

And similarly, a kick-ass review of Empire’s End from Starburst Magazine, excerpted:

The result is a high octane and swiftly paced affair. It isn’t tight; this is an explosion of events as the key characters find themselves fated to visit Jakku, and the challenges that await them there. Though every character gets their arc, and we get some nice scum and villainy action with the addition of another Hutt to the mix, this is really a battle between two complex and interesting women, one Rebel, one Imperial, both desperate to enforce their will on an ever changing galaxy. Strong stuff. Highly skilled geek and very experienced writer Chuck Wendig has weathered heavy criticism to produce the Aftermath Trilogy. The old Star Wars tie-in books had their own cult following and some heavy investment from the fans. Add to this Wendig’s inclusive and sensible approach to world building, and the series got much more than its fair share of flack.

See? I am a highly skilled geek. I bought five dots in the Geek Skill.

Bonus: I list five rad books at Tor.com with birds in their titles. Go check out my list, feel free to use the comments there (or here) to add your own favorite bird-titled books.

Finally, the image at the top of the post is from a fan — fella named Zach Miller decided to go ahead and conjure up his own idea of what the Moth freighter looks like in the Aftermath trilogy with LEGO bricks. He cannibalized a Falcon build to do so and the result is freaking awesome:

Ooh ooh one more thing —

I’m noodling on starting a newsletter type of thing. TinyLetter or what-not. Ping me below in the comments if you think such a thing would be a) interesting to you or b) why the fuck bother because hey look here at this blog or c) some other random thought or idea that will force its way out of your brainpan and into the comments



  • Do a newsletter and then teach me how to do it. I tried, I failed. They wanted money of which I have none. End of story. I’d like to put it out 3-4X a year. Go for it teacher!

  • LEGO! *swoon*

    Also – newsletter? WordPress has this thingie where you enter your email address and it sends you this to your inbox, where this blog is configured brilliantly so I don’t even have to click a link to read it. Unless I want to comment, lol, which I obviously do. So … newsletter? Is there something they do that I’m missing? I know that social media have different functions; Twitter is for fun and rants and James Blunt telling haters “boning your mom” and stuff, while Facebook is for keeping track of your crazy relatives in case you feel you should call the cops or something (just me?).

    Anyway, I’m all for you having all the news-type shit you want, just not sure if it would be of interest to myself.

  • I would certainly not mind a newsletter. Monthly or quarterly, I’d read it. Blog highlights plus new content (in the form of lifely updates, canine pictures, upcoming books, tales from the folks living in your wall cavities, stories told via Lego characters, etc) would all be interesting and fun.

    HOWEVER (a big but I have) I wouldn’t want you to do that at the expense of your writing or your blog. So, if you think you can wrangle time enough to allow you to be creative with a newsletter, I say go for it.

  • I’d love a newsletter. I’m pretty much all up in your writing business between your blog and the twitters, but those who don’t social the medias, another venue for relaying news is probably a good idea. Any additional content you put in would be gravy.

  • I mean you could do a newsletter a la Warren Ellis’ “Hello Computer”(?) series, but those are short-bits and blurbs like Twitter postings. I’m not sure that really fits your style of expression. Especially when you go on long Twitter rants now and then. :p

    You could probably set up your blog to shoot off e-mails to subscribers when new posts are made. Would probably take a little work but wouldn’t require checking the site constantly. IDK, just musing.

  • The advantage to a direct-email newsletter is that you can still receive such correspondence even if you have turned off all blog mails. I tried to reduce what was coming to my in-box by restricting the option in my WordPress site. The problem? I stopped getting all notifications–even the ones I wanted. Took me forever to figure out what happened to Terrible Minds. You know how the saying goes: A Life Without Terrible Minds is a Thing of Waste…or something like that.

  • May I suggest holding a co-author contest? Imagine, your biggest fans pitted against one another for the golden ticket of working with the one and only YOU! Fellow writers would be inspired. Terribleminds blog would gain more followers. Another novel on the shelf. Expand network. Teach, learn, collaborate and create! *leans in to computer screen and uses telepathic superpower to convince Chuck this is a good idea

  • While I would sign up for a newsletter from you, I’d sort of prefer it if you kept to *just* the blog. I already get the full blog posts in my e-mail. I’m afraid a further newsletter might be overwhelming.

  • b) why the fuck bother because hey look here at this blog

    Pretty much this, from my own POV as someone who reads your blog. You should probably have a newsletter for people who want to know when your books are coming out but aren’t into reading blogs, though. It’s just that you’re less likely to get an accurate count of how many or what percentage of folks who’ve heard of you would subscribe to a newsletter when you ask folks who already read your blog. Unless you’re going to provide goodies in the newsletter that won’t be here in the blog, in which case mentioning that would be good. 🙂


  • I’m geeky enough to use a feed reader, so I read your blog religiously already. If it’s the same content as the blog I wouldn’t personally sign up, but I see a lot of value for folks who have to remember to check what you’re up to. If it’s additional content to what’s here, SIGN ME UP!! I adore your blog. And psyched to see you’ll be at Northern Colorado Writers! That one’s close enough I might be able to attend!

  • I love it when you rant. I mean? It killls me. Could read that shit forevuh. I would love it if your blog was just rants and you put reviews, writing suggestions and assignments, photography, advertisements, etc. under separate cover – perhaps a newsletter. But who the fuck am I?

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