Snow Day Book Love

We are in the path of a bulldozer of a storm, apparently — it’s going to snow Yetis, as I’m told — and so I figure that leaves today as a very good day for you to come over here and drop into the comments. Your purpose? To recommend a book you’ve read recently that you liked. Tell us the name, who wrote it, and why you dug it.

Feel free to throw in comics you’re digging, too, because comics are rad.


For the rest of you in the path of the snowstorm, good luck, may your power remain forever on, and don’t eat each other like the guys on that soccer team who crashed in the mountains. Also, beware your microwave, because I hear that motherfucker can spy on you, now. Goddamn microwave, WE ARE WATCHING YOU WATCH US.

*microwaves a bunch of forks to punish it*


  • The World God Only Knows by Tamiki Wakaki. Real cute and real weird. The POV character is a guy that lives through dating sims… and it all works out! Because it’s a comic! And there’s a nugget of truth in it all and stuff… Anyway, it’s great.

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