Macro Monday Is Feelin’ A Little Buggy

Summer is a much better time to go poking around and taking macro photos outside — though winter yields its own bounty now and again. Still, going through some older photos, seems like a good time to pop in here and post a couple insect macros I missed. Not great photos in terms of their clarity, maybe, though I like the composition.

Or, if you want a little grubby millipedey critter coiled in a rotten stump:

There you go. Couple more buggy photos.

Though if you really want some great photos —

Shots from the Women’s March from every continent.

Beautiful and inspiring. Hope is back — so let’s keep it back. (We sadly were not able to attend any marches — the illness my son is just getting over is the illness my wife is now in the thick of, so it did not seem wise to go out and infect like, scads of people with viral nastiness.)



  • I hope your wife gets better soon. I myself am currently an oozing, snotty mess, so I can sympathise with her plight. Some very inspiring images from around the globe—my favourite being the old woman wrapped up to her face in chilly Belgrade, and the many who braved the bitter cold and deep snow in Fairbanks, Alaska… I like to think that Mother Nature was along for the march, too.

    Also, a nice millipede shot. Reminds me of my snake coiled up. And picture #1 looks like it should be clinging on to the Enterprise, sucking the power out of the warp nacelles or something.

  • I hope you all are well soon.

    Thank you for posting these march pics. Many cities weren’t included — like the record-breaking march in Houston, where I was — but this was the largest collection of photos I’ve seen so far, and it brought a couple of tears to my eyes. This is so cathartic.

  • Thank You. I feel much empowered from this. I had a friend take with her an article belonging to me since I could not go with her to DC. I live in Portland, ME and was not aware there was a march here, though I don’t subscribe to any newspapers and can’t afford cable TV. I am a member of a lot of newsletters concerning happenings that are politically related and not one mentioned it. In any case, my fav sign was “keep your tiny hands off my rights’. That was on a sign in a non USA march if I remember correctly. As I was looking at the article a news flash came across the top of the screen that Trump has declared that the USA will not be joining the Trade Agreement President Obama worked so hard to put in place. Oh well, no one should be surprised.

    I hope your wife feels much better soon and that this doesn’t feel the need to volley-ball all around the family until it dies a slow death as it seems to do with us.

    Ila in Maine

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