Life Debt: Out Now!



Yeah, you.

Put down your Pokemon-abduction game for a moment.

Guess what?


Or, the more proper title: Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt: The Gang Hunts Imperials: Han & Leia’s Excellent Adventure: Jar-Jar’s Erotic Awakening 2, Gungan Bombadaloo.

You can procure it anywhere where books exist. That includes your favorite indie bookstore, or Amazon, or B&N, or that shady guy who lives in the wizard van down by the docks.

I think it’s a good book. Other people seem to like it.

The Collider Jedi Council did a smashing review video.

Sci-Fi Now gives it four out of five stars.

Tosche Station team gives it a GO review (no spoilers).

Blabba the Hutt gives a pretty spoilery positive review.

You can also check out some excerpts —

Han Solo excerpt at

Leia excerpt at Mashable.

Maz Kanata excerpt at USA Today.

Malakili excerpt at IGN.

Hope you check it out and hope you like it. If you do like it, I’d surely appreciate a positive review somewhere. If you don’t like it — well, ha ha, ahh, I expect to be hearing from you folks one way or another. *winky shrug emoji*


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