Quickly! To The Newsmobile!


*klaxons sound*

1.) You will discover that Atlanta Burns, my very trigger-warningy YA about a teenage detective-slash-vigilante, is on sale for your Kindlemachine today at $1.99.

2.) You may further discover that the sequel to that book, Atlanta Burns: The Huntalso happens to be a wee $1.99 for your Kindlemachine today. (Also: trigger warning.)

3.) If you ever wanted to read a Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier story written by me, drawn by Juanan Ramirez, well, click right here for a Marvel Infinite comic.

4.) HYPERION #4 IS OUT WOO FUNHOUSE AND WORM-GUY AND BEE-CLOWN AND REVENGE ON THE DARK CARNIVAL AND AHHHHHH. Art by Nik Virella! Cover by Elizabeth Torque! Colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr! I’m excited! Are you excited! Loud noises!

5.) Publishers Weekly said a very nice thing about Invasive: “With this cinematic thriller’s unusual setting, cinematic horror imagery, twisty plot, and grittily determined protagonist, fans of Michael Crichton will feel right at home.”

6.) RT Book Reviews said what may be the very best thing about Invasive: “Chuck Wendig can congratulate himself on a stunning new achievement: becoming the architect of all of my future nightmares.” (Hold on, I have to make a quick note to all my business cards. Let’s see. Chuck Wendig. Architect Of Your Future Nightmares. Good perfect there we go.)

7.) You can preorder Invasive now. You should preorder Invasive now lest you be covered in a tide of man-eating ants. Preorder: Amazon | Indiebound | B&N.

8.) Also, Star Wars: Life Debt, the Aftermath sequel? Holy Jar-Jar, that comes out in less than two weeks. You can preorder that, too: Amazon | Indiebound | B&N.

9.) Invasive launch event: Doylestown Bookshop, August 17th.


*puts on springheel boots and jumps away, having stolen your lunch, you fool*