Flash Fiction Challenge: We Need Only A Title

Your task this week is woefully simple. Go to the comments, and deposit into these comments a title for a short story — not the story itself, and nothing in fact beyond the title.

Then, next week, I’ll pick a handful of the best, and we’ll use those as springboards for the next round of stories. Dig it? Good.


Comments section.

A title.


Due by next Friday, April 29th, noon EST.

[EDIT: Only ONE title per person, please.]

335 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: We Need Only A Title”

    • I like your idea, really.
      I’d write some story like “Clonidine,Oxytocin and Cheesecake”. The idea of such a presentation is suggestive and literary, bravo.

  1. Alice in Blunderland

    The Old Man and the Seesaw

    Midnight’s Children’s Nannies

    The Handmaid’s Tail

    Hairy Pot Ear and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    Hound of the Busker Girls (a mystery)

    Lady Chatterbox’s Lover

    I Sexbot

    And of course, in (dis?) honour of his birthday: The Merchant of Venus (probably by Bacon or Marlowe so Don’t worry)

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