Macro Monday Yells At Flowers

I love Spring, and yet, Spring hasn’t quite sprung here — it did, and then it didn’t, and now it’s cold and gray and rainy. Which is normal, one supposes.

Just the same: gimme dat sweet sweet sunshine.

And since I don’t have flowers blooming all over, yet, I figured today’s macro would be best if it were a flower. SO HERE, INTERNET. I GOT YOU A FLOWER.



okay no.

Let’s see. Do I have any updates?

You saw that Hyperion came out, and surely you went out and checked it out, right? I mean, it’s got carnival freaks and a clown who barfs bees and a tractor-trailer and — well, c’mon.

Also, The Force Awakens’ first issue now has a cover by Esad Ribic:

So, check that out. Comic should be fun.

Um, what else?

I’m no longer feeling quite like death. This pulled muscle from coughing SUCKS MIGHTILY, but the cough is diminished so hopefully the muscle will untangle itself and calm down. This time my go-’round with pneumonia only lasted two weeks before I felt fairly normal. Last time was a whole month, so this is better (though having the flu along for the ride and a flu-sick wife and pre-schooler was, um, not ideal).

You know Invasive — out in August — is totally preorderable, yeah? Since folks ask, I’ll say that Invasive is not a sequel to Zer0es — and yet, it takes place in the same universe, and it takes place after the events of Zer0es have occurred. One does not need to read one book to understand the other, but they have some light connections. (Connections that will only deepen as other books are revealed, but on that, I can say no more.)

I think that’s it.

Go forth and punch Monday in the teeth.


    • The “slightly gloopy with a rippled underside” aura isn’t Chuck’s. The aura that’s been described is your own. The best method for clearing the gloop and smoothing the ripple is to reassess and strengthen your grounding method and then realign your chakras – taking special care with your root, Earth star, and crown chakras. Peace.

  • Glad you’re feeling better Chuck. And loved the flower picture – just what Britland needs after a night of howling gales that have left my town of Maidstone with many trees kissing the windows of buildings after being torn from their roots, and anyone wishing to sit on the benches along the towpath of the river needing to bring their waders. (A couple of my friends have also lost their greenhouses.)

    I’m now off to punch Monday. I may be some time, as I believe he doesn’t fight fair – but I’m ready for him. I’VE HAD CHOCOLATE.

  • Good morning, Chuck. Having wrestled Monday to the ground and kicked it old school like Charlie’s Angels, I think it will be submissive for the rest of the day. I knew what you mean about the sprained lung muscles from the coughing. I’m glad you got to the doctor earlier. I don’t want you to end up like Henson, creator of Kermie and Piggie. Spring is out full force in Virginia after a very cold gloomy rainy weekend. But we roasted the obligatory lamb, used a chicken instead of a duck and passed some of the time away board games and doing dishes. Stay well.

  • Chuck, so glad to hear you’re feeling more robustly human. Exciting to read about the developments developing while other are developed. If you know what I mean. 🙂

  • Happy you’re feeling better! I had that pulled-muscle-from-coughing thingy and it SUCKS! I couldn’t figure out if it was my muscle, lung or boob that was ouchy. All better now. Hope everyone had or is having a kick ass Monday! Remember tomorrow is taco Tuesday and let’s face it, what’s better than that? Peace & Love – LIZ

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