Hyperion, #1 — Or, How I Got Lucky Enough To Write Comics

I wrote a comic.

I mean, it’s not my first comic, really, but it is the first one where I don’t have the authorial support of fellow penmonkey Adam Christopher — who, quite honestly, is a whole lot better at this thing than I am. Hyperion #1 is my first foray into writing a comic all by my lonesome.

So, obviously, my great hope is that you go out and pick it up.

And then pay money for it.

And then rub it all over your body and take pictures.

I mean, “read it.”

Comics are a different animal for me — they’re some strange combination of television show and the novel. They possess the visual, episodic component of television. But they also possess an internal dimension and a POV like novels. It’s that, but it’s also not that, because snapshotting the perfect images to accompany the story is a special gift all its own, as is making sure those images are perfectly well-compressed in 20-ish pages with a proper hook out of the issue. It’s tricky business. I have no idea what I’m doing.

But, I’m figuring it out. Slowly! The good news is, the team behind the book is so great, they are very clearly propping me up and making me look not terrible. Nik Virella’s art floors me every time I get it in my inbox, and then you add colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr. and it’s like, holy shithell. And Emanuela Lupacchino’s cover? Plus all the great editorial support from Katie Kubert, Alanna Smith, and Christina Harrington? I’m a lucky ducky.

Thanks too to folks like Jim Zub and Gail Simone and Ron Marz and people whose online presence is often chockablock with great comics-writing chatter and advice.

Go forth and procure cool comics.

You can nab Hyperion at your local comic book store, or at Comixology.

Other cool comics out today: Hellcat, Mirror, Cry Havoc. What else? What comics are you reading and digging these days, folks? Drop in the comments and gimme 20.


  • Being a writer and an artist, I have a real respect for comic book writers and illustrators. I once ran into a guy working at Walmart while he illustrated a comic book for Marvel or one of the other big publishers. His artwork was amazing. And at the time, this was at least 20 years ago, I thought: Why wasn’t he working full time with them and getting paid more? Hope your guys are being taken care of. And you!
    Teresa R.

  • Congrats on the first issue! It’s on my pull list for the next trip to the comics den. I’m eyeballs deep in demonic possession catching up on the Outcast series by Robert Kirkman. It’s a great story, and the art by Paul Azaceta is super awesome.

  • Currently into Deadly Class, by Rick Remender.

    Or anything by Rick Remender, really. I’m a Fanperson. My favourite Remender writing absolutely has to be Uncanny X-Force. Wow. So much darkness and hope and heartache in storylines wonderfully woven together, and stunning artwork from the featured artists to boot.

  • Looking forward to reading this one.

    My current obsession it’s catching up with Gillen and McKelvie”s “Phonogram,” a book which somehow captures the exact way I experience music and pop culture and identify in Ann insanely readability package. Anything Warren Ellis writes is a must, so I’m reading “Trees,” “Injection,” and “James Bond” as quickly add the production schedule allows. “Casanova” seems to be on a break, but as soon adasd it returns, I’m in.

  • Will definitely add to my pull list. Thanks for the heads up! And for some inexplicable reason I’m terribly excited about the re-launch of Moon Knight next month. No idea why….

  • I’m really enjoying Sheriff of Babylon and Slash and Burn, both from Vertigo. I also have two young girls who have completely geeked out over The Shield and are pestering the crap out of me about issue #3, so…NO PRESSURE.

      • Here’s the content of the email I received from them:

        Hi there.

        We don’t sell any print comics here, everything is digital. You can read comics directly on our site or in any of our mobile apps. Next to “Complete Order,” we have a checkbox that you need to click on that says, “Please note that by clicking complete order you are purchasing digital comics.” If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know. Thanks!

        Best Regards,

    • Sometimes I wonder if I’m in a crazy minority of people who prefer their comic books in digital format. That way they take up less space and are always available from your account — this prevents them being destroyed in case of fire, flood, or vengeful family member.

      I’m kinda the opposite with my books, though. Books, I need to hold. Comics, I could happily read all day in digital format.

    • If you’re trying to purchase a print copy from comixology, you won’t be successful. I believe they only sell digital copies. That’s probably why you received the email you received.

      You’ll need to find a store that sells print copies of comics. Like http://www.midtowncomics.com/store/dp.asp?PRID=Hyperion+%231+Cover+A+Regul_1507875.

      Though I didn’t exactly check if they ship to Europe. I figure you can handle the rest of the legwork since Europe is pretty big and I don’t know where you live exactly.

  • I really enjoyed Dial H, by China Mieville, with its unlikely heroes and some of the crazy combinations it comes up with.

  • Love comics! Tried to break in to writing them years ago when Crossgen first came out. It was a short lived venture but enjoyed their brand of books. Congrats on Hyperion. Good to see some of the Squadron Supreme get out there in their own books.

  • ooops – hit the button too fast…Is it awful that these days, I prefer the lighter funny stuff e.g. Girl Genius, Skin Horse? I’m pretty sure it’s related to baby-having because pre-baby I was all about surreal : Watchman, Love n Rockets, Flaming Carrot…

  • Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye may be the best Transformers comic ever. Laughs, action, death, drama, awful heroes, sympathetic villains, the works.

  • Hello!
    I like comics very much! It is a wonderful combination of text and images, and pictures allow to visualize the story! I have my own collection of comics! And I think, that comics should not be in electronic form, they should be on the paper!!! This is more exciting to hold a crucial part of a specific story in your hands! Look at the screen and watch it all, it sucks!
    I will buy your book without doubts! It would be another wonderful specimen in my collection! Thank you!

  • Photos incoming just as soon as I get my copy!

    Would love to hear your approach to writing comics and how it differs (or is similar) to writing a novel.

  • What sort of format did you write the script in? The bog-standard drama-teleplay sort of format, or did you do you’re own sort of dealie where you write paragraphs upon paragraphs of detail and the artist then is all like “TL;DR I’ll make it my own way?” :p

    Seems like doing a script format for novelists would be a whole ‘nother beast to learn to try to condense your sentences and ideas down into like one sentence or so per panel (unless there’s more space in the panel for back and forths).

  • Hi! I am fond of comics, so looking through your post was really interesting for me! I liked this type of writing, because when you write a comic book, the author of this book needs to think visually and then he or she needs to communicate those visuals in such a way as to spark the imagination in the present way to see them!
    Keep sharing such posts!

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