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Snoobug, We’re Home

That precious goob, that glorious doof, is our new pooch, Snoobug.

AKA, Snooby, Snooby Dooby Doo, Snoobins, Snoob, Bug, Snoodlebug, Floofmonster, Snoob Doggy Dogg, Snoob Snoob Snoobio, Snoobs, Snooie, Snoobacca, and probably like, 30 other nicknames.

She’s a shelter dog — a couple years old found as a stray with her collar embedded into her neck (potentially from her growing up from a puppy with the collar too tight around her neck). We adopted her a couple weeks ago but could only bring her home this past week due to a bout with kennel cough and a need to get spayed.

We had a whole slate of potential names for her — she entered she shelter as “Sascha” only because the shelter needed a name for her so they made one up. Our other dog is Loa (think Hawaiian, not Voudoun), and so we thought this one could be named Kea We then asked our four-year-old, HEY TINY HUMAN, WHAT WOULD YOU NAME HER?

He rattled off a half-dozen completely absurd names like Patootie and Dartoonie and Poop and then said SNOOBUG and we were like, holy shit, that’s adorable. I mean, sure, we’re going to have to be the ones occasionally yelling for a dog named Snoobug, but fuck that. WE SHAN’T BE EMBARRASSED. #noshameforsnoobug

We don’t know what the hell she is, breed-wise. Okay, we can tell she’s part German Shepherd because her body is like a GSD who had a half-a-dose of shrink-ray run over her. Her head is — well, it’s like the DOGE GOD Photoshopped a Corgi head atop a German Shepherd body. That’s our best guess. Big ears and boopable nose and giant tongue and all that good stuff.

She’s sweet. Pretty chill (though that may change after she bounces back from surgery and sickness). She gets along well with our son and she and the other dog seem to enjoy each other’s company (though she has raided the other dog’s toy chest and pulled half of its contents into her crate, as if to give herself comfort).

ANYWAY. Huzzah, shelter dog.

Adopt when you can!

More pictures below: