Peanut Butter GenCon Time!

Today, I am off to the GAME-SLICK WILDS of GENCON, where I will talk a lot about writing and hopefully maybe sneak in a game or two and also did I mention the bad-ass Storium charity game that you should totally go to BECAUSE CHARITY?

Anyway, so to go onto the game theme, I figured I’d pose a pair of questions:

a) Favorite tabletop non-RPG game?

b) Favorite tabletop pen-and-paper RPG game?

Use the comments.

Get to answering.


And if you’re gonna be at Gencon — swing by, say hi!


  • 1) 7 Wonders is my new fav but I’d go for almost any Euro (except for Puerto Rico – screw you Puerto Rico). Dominion is fun but sometimes there are complaints about not having anything to do in a round and sometimes the rounds can take a long time depending on the players. Still fun though!!

    2) Grew up on Palladium but will always have a love for Vampire: The Masquerade even though I didn’t get to play much. Vampire: Bloodlines was one of the most amazing computer RPG’s. I still listen to the soundtrack at work. 🙂

    GenCon – so jelly!! I’ll make it there some day! Have a great time, we’ll expect a full report when you come back so we can live vicariously through you!!

  • Favorite old school non-rpg tabletop game was Illuminati just because I had a blast playing it back in the day, though my writing group is talking about getting together for Cards Against Humanity, so that well probably be my new favorite.

    As for RPGs, I’m going to go with WitchCraft from Eden Studios. It has one of my favorite settings and it is also the game that was my big start in the whole writing-for-money thing (though I had more fun writing for the Buffy RPG because you got to use humor more)

  • a) Zenga – yeah I said it.

    b)Numenera/the Strange – I’m in love with the Cypher system. I like the story telly aspect of the whole thing and how winging it is pretty much encouraged and heavily endorsed.

  • a) Most recently my favorite non-RPG tabletop game is a toss-up between Ticket to Ride and Forbidden Island. I was going to say Settlers of Catan, but TTR and Forbidden Island win out because you can play with a minimum of two people.

    b) Sadly, I’ve never played a tabletop RPG. Always wanted to play D & D but just never had the opportunity, and unfortunately, the closest gaming place is about an hour away.

  • 1) I’m hoping Exploding Kittens will be? I loved Shogun, even though I was shite at it.

    2) It’s hard for me to choose from WoD, so I’ll go with either Kind of the East [KotE] or Wraith, cause when people asked me to join either or make chars in those worlds, I was allll over that.

  • A) Diplomacy

    B) Its been over 20 years (30 years is over 20 years, right?) since I played table top RPG but I dabbled in quite a few and ended up creating my own system ( this was my introduction to world building, character creation and real storytelling, ideal for authors). I am going to say GURPS as I stole a lot from it. 🙂

  • A) I have a weekly game group, so I’m exposed to a lot of crazy stuff. I’m obsessed with Splendor, which now has a mobile app version that I immediately went and bought. Also very fond of Alien Frontiers and Sentinels of the Multiverse.

    B) Probably Paranoia, although Call of Cthulhu also has a special place in my heart.

  • I’m not much for board games. Even as a kid, when my family played I tried to get out of it. There’ve been some epic Monopoly games with my kids, tho. House rules & under the table deals are what made it fun.

    I was a LoreMaster for Call of Cthulhu & GURPS Horror for several years. Great fun; may have caused permanent Sanity Loss for some of my gaming group.

  • I love me some golem arcana. The tech friendly nature of the miniatures removes the nastiness from the genre. The app synchs with a micro camera for cool shit.

    Savage Rifts was the highlight. I have always loved the rifts setting but i would rather pour honey on my balls and let ants eat them than deal with the mechanics of the palladium system.

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