Sale: 30 Days In The Word Mines / Gonzo Bundle

We’re halfway through the month — the month of furious novel-scribbling and word-barfing. Whether or not you’re doing NaNoWriMo, every month represents an opportunity to carve out new narrative territory, no matter if you’re writing 200 words a day or 2000.

So, I’m gonna put 30 Days In The Word Mines on sale here at terribleminds for $1.99.

I’ll also put the Gonzo Bundle on sale, too. That one, for just $15.00.

SO, two bucks gets you the former.

Or, if you’d rather have eight books instead of just one: fifteen bucks.

This is also a reminder that if you’d rather check out awesome writing books that aren’t only by me — behold! The NaNoWriMo Storybundle is still going. There you get 12 books for $15.00.

So, again:

If you want 30 Days in the Word Mines for $1.99:

Buy 30 Days In The Word Mines

Or, if you wanna check out the whole bundle for $15:

Buy Gonzo Bundle

Sale runs till Wednesday! Prices only available here, direct through PayHip.



  • I picked up a copy of your 30 Days in the Word Mines when you announced it a few days back.

    I’m reading it as it’s meant to be read: a NaNo Advent Calendar.

    Passed the 50K mark on 11/10, coming up on 75K. Is it partially fulled by your NaNo Advent Calendar? Hmmmm…

    Love the line about Ergonomics not being a robot you use to kill people with. And the five steps of the creative process, which you can go through in a single day? Yep. Do that. Especially 4., “cry-eats cake.”

    Thanks for putting the writing experience into words..

  • Thank you for your “30 Days”. It has made all the difference in reducing the stress of daily word goals. I know I can and have met at least that minimum; sometimes much more. Just knowing that it’s do-able, after taking care of my “have to” lists of work and home, is freeing. Thank you for all of your great advice books. I’ve read them all – several times. I’m working on the second book now. Wishing you continued success.

  • So worth it. I bought “30 Days…” a couple of weeks ago. This will last much longer than a cup of coffee and help you get way more done.

  • I got the Gonzo bundle yesterday and the 30 days in the word mines last week. It will take me awhile to finish the bundle, but I find it quite enjoyable to read and very helpful. It’s antidepressant–makes me laugh. I might just have to get one of those shirts as well. I like the idea someone tweeted the other day about your fans being called wendigos. There should be a shirt for that. #wendigo

  • November 20, 2014 at 11:04 PM // Reply

    I’m in! Wish they were in paper, though. My copy of “The Kick-Ass Writer” has bookmarks poking out all over the place!

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