The Goodreads Awards: Shameless Pandering

It is once again that time of the year — the Goodreads Best Books of the Year awards have returned to the Web for 2014. They of course contain a lot of really rad books (Annihilation! The Girl With All The Gifts! Cibola Burn!) Alongside some great authors (Marko Kloos, John Scalzi, Jonathan Maberry, Scott Sigler, Laini Taylor, Laurie Halse Anderson, Stephanie Perkins, Richard Kadrey, Ann Leckie!).

For my mileage, it’s also missing some super-good books, too.

Where is Kameron Hurley’s Mirror Empire?

Or Lauren Beukes’ Broken Monsters?

Or Cherie Priest’s Maplecroft?

So, this is also your annual reminder that during this first round (which runs until November 8th), you can write in candidates across the many categories.

And this can also serve as your annual shameless tap-dancing by me where I casually elbow you in the throat and remind you that, hey, I might have some books that are eligible for said write-ins, including The Cormorant, and Blightborn. No pressure, of course. Except the pressure that reminds you that I actually physically die if I don’t get onto the Goodreads Awards every year, and my resurrection is always an ugly, viscera-caked mess, and nobody wants that. NOBODY.


What I mean is, go vote for cool books.

Because yay, books.

*rises from the gore pit, screaming*


  • I tried to write in your books and got an error message saying they weren’t eligible. I tried all of the ISBNs for each, just in case, but they all popped up as ineligible. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve tried contacting a librarian at Goodreads (no reply yet – and it’s been nearly five minutes!).

  • Hi, Chuck, I also tried and the Cormorant is not eligible. When was it published? Blightborn is eligible, however, and has been duly written in.

    I just saw the big flaw in this for all autumn publications. My book (Empire of Dust) comes out on November 4th, so it’s eligible in 2014, but nominations close on November 8th for books published up until November 15th. (DUH!) Since it’s published before November 16th, it won’t be eligible in 2015. Bummer. Not that I’m expecting awards, but this seems very unfair to books published on the cusp which includes my fellow DAWthors Pat Rothfuss and Tanya Huff (also published November 4th) and mercedes Lackey – and, I’m sure, many other fine books from many other fine oublishers.

    Rules say: Books published in the United States in English, including works in translation and other significant rereleases, between November 17, 2013, and November 15, 2014, are eligible for the 2014 Goodreads Choice Awards. Books published between November 16, 2014, and December 31, 2014, will be eligible for the 2015 awards.

    Seems to me that someone should take this up with Goodreads.

  • Pander away keemoesaby! I got some data for you on the problems:
    1. Blightborn is OK- At the GR site I went to the fantasy genre, typed in the title, and voila, zee vote was cast. So there!
    2. Cormorant doesn’t qualify according to GR, b/c they show it as first being published in Jan 2013, so no joy. If you go to the GR page for the book, you’ll see that note in faded print on the Kindle edition. The contest rule is Nov 2013 as earliest pub date.

    I hope ta gawd that I ain’t the fourth person to step up here man. You deserve more than that.

    Have a great day, and would ya take a shower already? I mean, some of that gore pit ooze is kinda hanging from your schnoze. I thot it was a booger at first, but there’s some on your ear too…

  • As a PS to my comment I see Pat Rothfuss managed to get into the nominations even though his book only came out three days ago.

  • Well, I cleared out the cookies and was able to write in Blightborn (and yup, heard back from the librarians that Cormorant shows as being published in January of 2013). Internet Exploder and its corrupted cookies. *sigh*

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