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I’m joining up with the Pixel Project this month — “a virtual nonprofit helping make the world suck less for women and girls by raising awareness, funds, and volunteer power for the cause to end violence against women” (um, can I get a HELL YEAH?) — and I’m alongside a gaggle of amazing authors like Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson, Joe Hill, Robert Sawyer, Jasper Fforde, etc.

Today is a Reddit AMA with several of us authors, so check that out.

Also, I’ll be doing a Google Hangout on September 14th, 8PM EST. (Schedule here for all authors.)

The “Read for Pixels” fundraising pages are up at IndieGogo and Razoo.

Fundraising rewards have a Skype chat with me and an e-book bundle!

Want to see the project breakdown for funding? Here it is.

Please check it out!

More info from the Pixel Project:

Your support will help make an impact on 3 levels:

Level 1 – Helping efforts to shift the Global Perspective on Violence Against Women:

“Read For Pixels” is held in support of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign through which we are working to accelerate the end of Violence Against Women (VAW) by re-characterizing it from a “women’s issue” to the human rights issue that it really is. VAW impacts families and communities regardless of gender. Men may be responsible for most violent acts against women, but decent, non-violent men far outnumber them and have largely remained silent on the issue. For VAW to end, these men need to be involved in efforts to end the violence.

The Pixel Reveal campaign intends to do just that by triggering conversations about VAW worldwide and inspiring men and boys to take action to stop VAW in their communities.

Level 2 – Keeping anti-Violence Against Women work alive and kicking, grassroots style!

Violence Against Women is a cause that is chronically underfunded despite the global severity of the issue.

The $1 million we are aiming to raise via the Pixel Reveal campaign will be shared between The Pixel Project and the U.S.’s National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

It’ll help keep both organization’s respective anti-Violence Against Women campaigns, programs, and projects alive and thriving.

Level 3 – Helping Reach Your Communities To Get The Conversation Started

We’ve listened to many folks over the years who wish to help stop the violence but don’t know where to begin.

Therefore, as part of the outreach efforts of “Read For Pixels”, we’ll be providing all “Read For Pixels” donors with a special virtual toolkit – a set of links to resources for you to learn more about violence against women, how to start the conversation in your communities (and with the men and boys in your communities), and how to help victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape.

If folks wanna know more, feel free to check out:


  • I didn’t appreciate how things are even here in the “First World” until I spent a week with my brother. He is a programmer and game designer. Oh. My. God. Death threats and rape wished aimed at female gamers and programmers for the simple fact of them being female. And of course there is our rape culture, which seems to have gotten worse and not better since the early 90’s when I ran the Women’s Resource Center at my college. It makes me sad that there is such *need* for these projects, but it renews my faith in humanity that so many people are stepping up.

    Also here is a really comprehensive explanation of exactly HOW violence against women is actually violence against humanity:

    Thanks again Chuck!!

  • As a survivor of domestic violence in two marriages, thanks to all of you! People think all you have to do is walk away. It isn’t that simple. Lives will be saved by this project.

  • AWESOME! I must admit I’m disappointed the Skype chat with you got snapped up already (alas). I’m still excited to support this worthy project, though. Thanks sincerely for everything you’re doing to make the world a less shitty place.

  • Yaaay! Oh, and HELL YEAH! Now all I have to do is make my brain do maths on 8pm EST to work out what that would be in British money…

    Thanks for being a part of such a vital thing, Chuck. I have an eight-year-old boy, and I’m trying my damndest to make sure he grows up knowing how to respect others – of BOTH sexes, not just women. That’s not so easy when you still have the scars of some shitty experiences – I just hope I haven’t screwed it up so far.

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