In Which I Continue To Answer Questions At Goodreads (Plus: News!)

I’m still doing that, apparently.

Though, I’m like, 30+ questions behind so far.

Just the same, if you wanna read the answers to current questions or ask your own, then make with the clicky-clicky and head over to Goodreads to deposit your query into my BRAIN QUEUE, and I will occasionally flit in and out of the thought-bramble like a curious butterfly to deposit my wisdom upon you like so much golden pollen.

Man, that was a weird-ass metaphor.

It’s early, yet, on a Sunday, so.

*drinks more coffee*

*eats psilocybin oatmeal*

*rides space cat into the Gordian Knot universe*

Two Price Drops

First: Under the Empyrean Sky (bloodthirsty corn! sky-boats! piss-blizzards! teenage dustbowl heroes trying to spit in the eye of the rich people who float above their heads in big flotilla cities!) is now only $7.99 for the hardcover — sale’s on till July, I’m told. This is cheaper than the paperback version, which is coming out on Tuesday. The hardcover is lovely, and sometimes I pick mine up and I stare at it and stroke it. Which often gets me in trouble, because when I do this I am also unclothed at the produce section of your local grocery store.

Yes, your local grocery store, not mine. I like the produce at yours better.

Also: Blackbirds is only $6.87 for the paperback. Not sure why or how long, but there it is. Also — the book is up to 245 (!) reviews (!?), which is exciting! Woo. Woo, I say, woo.

*does happy dance*

*makes out with organic broccoli*

Speaking of Blackbirds…

The TV show squeaks and ekes closer to existence.

Producer David Knoller (Carnivale, Big Love) is onboard the show.

From Deadline Hollywood:

Under the overall pact, David Knoller also is joining Starz’s drama Blackbirds, from John Shiban, and will develop other projects for the pay cable network. The hire gives extra boost to Blackbirds, already on a fast track for an order after recently setting up a writers room. Adapted by Shiban from the novels by Chuck Wendig, Blackbirdscenters on Miriam Black, a hitchhiker who struggles with a unique ability to see how and when you die when she touches you. Shiban and Knoller executive produce the project, which is being developed under his Knollwood Prods. banner, with Ian Williams serving as the company’s director of development. “David is one of those rare people who is able to make everything he’s involved in better,” said Carmi Zlotnik, managing director of Starz.

The news continues to sound good, but we’re still not there yet.

All tendrils, extremities and appendages crossed, if you please.


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