Big-Ass Book Bundle: Ending Soon, So Get It Before The Bone Man What Never Mind I Didn’t Say Anything About A Bone Man

The Gonzo Big Book Bundle.

Seven writing e-books.

Name-your-price, starting at $10.

Buy eBook

I’m running this until the end of the month, which is in just a few days.

Nab it while the nabbing is good.

Or before the BONE MAN finds you.

I didn’t say anything about a BONE MAN. Who said BONE MAN?

It wasn’t me.

There definitely isn’t a supernatural BONE MAN that I’ve hired to hunt down people who displease me by failing to take part in my wonderful book promotions. He definitely doesn’t have a thousand fleshless fingers and centipedes for his lips.

There’s no BONE MAN.

Night night.

Sleep tight.

Don’t let the BONE MAN bite. Your face. Off the skull. Which is how you join the BONE MAN and haunt people as one of his OSSEOUS MINIONS oh there I’ve gone and said too much.

*draws curtains*


23 responses to “Big-Ass Book Bundle: Ending Soon, So Get It Before The Bone Man What Never Mind I Didn’t Say Anything About A Bone Man”

  1. I bought this bundle a few weeks ago. It’s everything that I was told. AWESOME!! Recommend to every writer but not for the faint of heart ( or those who don’t like swear words) Fortunately, I am not one of those! Thanks Chuck!


    i blame the bone man. is that cool? can i do that?? you don’t know, you never said nuthin’ ’bout no bone man.

    nice monkey. clicking now.

  3. Bought em last week when Paypal unfroze my account (Ebay related troubles, you all know what I’m talking about). Works out to less than £7, which, whichever way you look at it, is a bargain. About those Ebay problems, any chance I could have a lend of said Bone Man…?

  4. But I have all of these, except the new one! Can I pay $10 and just get the new one? If not, I’ll have all these extra copies of books all over the place, though I guess it’s not as bad as if you had multiple physical books all over the place XD

  5. Love it — thank you for the great deal!

    Question: I just purchased, and I’m seeing two Kindle versions (included in the zip files) and five PDFs. Are the Kindle versions of those four PDF books excluded from this promo, or is it at all possible to grab Kindle versions of all seven? Either way, thanks a ton! Can’t wait to dig in.

    Also, totally wrecked your Bone Man. Whaaaat, I thought he was an intruder.

  6. Oh my, look at how money has magically disappeared from my PayPal Account!

    And look at these fantastic new books that have magically appeared in my Documents!

    And who is that mysterious and quite scary man walking away from my front door, who looks slightly upset he isn’t allowed to bite my face off my skull?

  7. I knew there was a reason I picked these up weeks ago. Now I know – I was preemptively protecting myself from the bone man! So if he’s not a skeleton – what is he? Or do I have to pass on your next big deal to find out? mwahaha

  8. Well done, Chuck!

    I’ve already bought three of them before, but fuck it I’ll have ’em again!

    I’ll give them to the BONE MAN as a sacred offering.

    Thanks buddy,


  9. I have bought every damn one of Chuck’s books and if he put his grocery list up on Amazon, I’d buy that too. I have given them as gifts. I have memorized passages. He is the very best writing motivator in my world. Keep kicking me in the ass, Chuck. It’s working.

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