Cover Reveal: Blightborn (Heartland, Book Two)

Blightborn (the second book in the Heartland Trilogy) now has a cover. Which I adore.

And, you can pre-order the book.

And, if you pre-order the book now, you get immediate access to a new short story set in the Heartland — a Gwennie-focused tale (“The Wind Has Teeth Tonight”).

You can pre-order here. It’s available in Kindle, hardcover and paperback — all formats will release on July 29th of this year! (Skyscape has been a great publisher, I should note.) This book was a blast to write, and is almost twice as large as the first book in the series. As the cover suggests, it takes readers up off the ground and out of the corn and into the skies as we follow Gwennie and Merelda onto one of the flotillas — and meanwhile, we get to meet the Blight Witch, the Sleeping Dogs, the Peregrine, a Pegasus, another Pegasus, Erasmus the Grackle…

So much fun to write.

Check it out.

First book is available! (Only $3.99 on Kindle.)

Cover art by Shane Rebenschied.