The Results Of A Kindle Daily Deal

Yesterday, to my surprise, Blackbirds went on sale at B&N and Amazon for $1.99. (That price remains at B&N, by the way, and you might be able to get Amazon to price-match.)

At Amazon, the book was a Kindle Daily Deal.

By the end of the day, the book pushed to a rank of #34 across Kindle books. And it reached #1 in its respective categories (fantasy for kindle, dark fantasy for kindle, dark fantasy across all books). It’s actually still at #1 across those categories, if the page tells it true.

Folks have asked me a couple questions, and I thought I’d answer.

First, on how you get to be a daily deal — first, you slaughter a black unicorn and a white bull on an altar made from druidstone (which forms over time from calcified druid bone), and then you —

Wait, no, that’s not right.

In this case, the publisher — Angry Robot — solicited Amazon.

Though I am told that Amazon sometimes picks books to be Kindle Deals, too. And in this I envision an insane Amazon Robot in its control booth somewhere choosing books based on the sparking, snapping guts of some rock-smashed robot seagull.

Second question: what does this mean in terms of sales?

Well, we have some sales numbers back.

And it looks like the book sold around 3,000 copies on Amazon.

Which is, of course, pretty amazing. Hard not to be happy that 3,000 new readers now have the book. More, actually, now, because while the sale is over the book remains well-ranked and still in the lists (which I believe is one of the primary ways folks search/browse Amazon these days). Plus, looks to be some bump to the two sequels, Mockingbird and The Cormorant.

Anywho! Thanks to Mike and Lee and the other fine folks at Angry Robot. Thanks to Amazon for letting this dark little cantankerous bird of a book a recharge almost two years after the book first released. And thanks most of all to you darling deviants and marvelous miscreants for checking the book out and spreading the word. YOU’RE THE BEST AROUND.

(Oh! You will also find books by other Angry Robot authors for sale, now, too — $1.99 books by Wes Chu, Ramez Naam, Madeline Ashby, Anne Lyle, and more. Go get ’em.)


  • 3000 readers is not small potatoes. Even if only a fraction read the book, and like the book, and go on to other books, they’ll tell people about it and join the righteous people who like your work.

  • I would say that you and your blog have much to do with the sales numbers (that’s how I got the push to buy the Kindle Daily Deal.) I am continuously amazed at your productivity and wish I had a tenth of your energy. Gobbled up Blackbird but I don’t think I can put myself through another one — the writing is stupendous — but I felt so … abused … after reading it. Hoping for the second installment of Empyrean Skies soon!

  • February 3, 2014 at 12:54 PM // Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS! I bought the book because I read your blog and wanted to be supportive. Haven’t read it yet… it’s on the list, though. I’m just a little behind…

  • The other nice thing about daily deals like this is it allows me to once again harass my friends and family to buy the book. “Read this. It kept me entertained while I was in labor for two days.”

  • I got a copy of Blackbirds. 🙂 I wish I had known about it for Nook, though, since most of my books are on my Nook app “shelf.” Not that I’m complaining! I really like it!

    • Barnes & Noble will usually price-match deals on Amazon, and vice-versa. (But Amazon is better about publicizing their deals.) I went over to B&N to pick up Blackbirds.

  • I just finished Blackbirds and it was seriously THE SHIT! I’m really looking forward to Mockingbird, what with all the serial killer slaying that it promises. I really want to read Under the Empyrean Sky as well. Don’t stop being awesome, Chuck.

  • Thanks for sharing, Chuck. And congrats. It was fun watching the ride. I think you did a great job of getting the word out and spreading the enthusiasm for the deal. And good on Angry Robot for securing a spot for you. That’s a damn fine publisher you’ve got there.

    • The great thing about Angry Robot is that they’re willing to take risks and try stuff. They can move faster and turn more quickly when it comes to changing conditions. They let me put up BLACKBIRDS for free when CORMORANT released and that seemed to increase sales of the first book (which seems to bear out with other authors who have done similar things).

  • Congratulations, Chuck. Thanks for sharing the info. I always wondered what kind of effect those deals had on sales. Now I must learn to conquer the insane Amazon robot. I shall teach it to love.

  • Yeah, tripped over your blog, discovered Blackbirds for less than two bucks yesterday. Bout halfway through the madness, loving every blood drop. Having a ball, Wendig. You are a breath of fresh air.

  • Congratulations, and I couldn’t be more in agreement on the job Angry Robot, (or in my case Exhibit A), is doing to innovate and get stuff out. Also, as a follower of your blog, deepest thanks for always lending so much insight for us neophytes.

  • Everything about this is impressive: the publisher’s willingness to take chances, your personal marketing efforts, the sales figures, and most of all . . . Blackbirds! I curse you every single time I have to put it down to resume that pesky work that pays the bills because it is so damned GOOD. Congratulations, and I’ll be downloading Mockingbird and The Cormorant, too (as soon as I can convince clients that they really DO want to wait a few extra days).

  • Chuck, you books have been on my “to read” list for way too long. When I saw you tweet about the deal, I went right over to order. Now, I just need to find the time to read the book, but it is going to happen. Angry Robot has been doing a great job by their authors, and I am happy to see that.

  • Congrats on all the excitingness! Definitely just added “Blackbirds” to the now-owned-and-on-my-Kindle-huffing-at-me-to-read-it-now-now-now! list 🙂

    Also, LOVING the quote from your post on self-publishing (the one with “slushy glut slog” in the title) on hybrid authors. I would totally draw a picture of the dolphin fin/badger claw violin-playing mind-killing creature you describe if I weren’t so sure that it’s going to end up looking like a lump of confused pencil graphite at my hands.

    Anyhoo. Congrats! Good job! Woohoo! All that fanfare 🙂

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