Here’s How You Ruin Wonder Woman For The Movies

We all want a Wonder Woman movie.

Why? Because a Wonder Woman movie would be crazy aces.

You could do a really cool thing with her being equal parts superhero and warrior princess demi-goddess — fighting not aliens or supervillains but creatures and figures out of mythology. Struggling with her own place in this world, and you could even color it with her struggle as a woman — never too heavy-handed on that point, but still keenly felt.

It’d be the melodrama of gods, the epic heroism of myth put onto the streets of modern-day America, a cracking lasso, bullets deflected. Maybe no invisible jet, though, because, c’mon.

Similar to Thor, which really isn’t a “superhero” movie. (Alternate idea: do a Captain America version, where she fights Nazis. Because, c’mon. Nazis! Check out this cool fan film.)

This isn’t what’s happening.

What’s happening is — at least, what we know is — Zach Snyder is making a movie about Batman and Superman and we’re just now hearing that Wonder Woman is a part of it. We don’t know how significant her role will be. We don’t know the script. We don’t know much more than that.

Oh, we do know that the actress that’s playing her. Gal Gadot — and, by the way, let’s cut criticisms of her body or her once-model status out of the argument, because body shaming is body shaming no matter the shape of the body. It’s not “okay” just because she doesn’t look like you or because she doesn’t look like your idea of the character of Wonder Woman. I don’t recall Wonder Woman being in my history books, do you? And even if she did — artists get to draw her differently, and so actresses can portray her differently. (The same people will say something about Lynda Carter being great, and please be advised: Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot are the same height, and Carter was also a supermodel.) Gadot is a professional actress. She’s acted in films before. She has gotten paid to act in those films. And Gadot was in the Israeli army. Can we really not believe that a regimen of exercise plus movie magic can’t make her look like a passable Diana? Christian Bale before Batman looked like a thin strip of beef jerky. So, let’s cut the shit, please.

The problem isn’t Gadot. The problem is, at least potentially, Snyder.

Snyder has made some strong films, at least visually.

Snyder hasn’t offered us many really strong female characters.

Lois Lane in Man of Steel came close for the first half of the film until she ended up relegated to worthless love-interest/helper-monkey by the end. Gorgo, similarly, is a mixed bag — strong in many ways but then relegated to rape victim to move the plot along. The women in Watchmen aren’t given the same level of attention that they are in the comic.

And don’t get me started on Sucker Punch.

(You are of course free to have loved that film as much as many of you surely do. As time goes on, it’s a film for me that only serves as little grain of sand stuck to my butthole — it just keeps itching and itching, an irritating mote sure to become a rash, never become a pearl. For my mileage, it’s a film that not only fails at its supposed purpose, but actually subverts its own ideas of “empowerment” into shallow, septic nonsense. YMMV, IMHO, etc.)

So, now we’re getting Snyder’s version of Wonder Woman.

Right out of the gate, we’re getting some warning signs.

First, that she’s not part of the trio, but rather, a third wheel to the two men. I say this because the film is called Batman Vs. Superman. She’s not going to be a main character because, drum roll please, the main characters are already there.

Second, we’re not following the Marvel path of, “Introduce new character with their own film, then give them the team-up movie.” This is reverse-engineering (and I’ll tell you why that’s a problem in a minute).

Third, the fear that romantic drama will be at play here, with Wonder Woman offered up as kissy-fodder for Superman to create emotional conflict with Lois. (Again, why else introduce her in a film not about her unless she’s to be used as a prop to hold up some aspect of the plot?)

Fourth, Man of Steel wasn’t — for me — a great film, or even a good film, or even a film I want to see ever again. (It’s another movie that over time lost any luster it had when I left the theater).

Fifth, and finally: Sucker Punch. Again.

So, here’s what happens:

We get the movie.

It’s full of the Snyder bombast. Maybe it has a good script. Maybe it doesn’t.

Maybe it’s okay. Maybe it’s awesome. Maybe it sucks dooky-shoes.

Maybe it makes fat bank. Maybe it crumbles like an ill-baked cookie at the box office.

But the film could be a justification for us never ever getting a proper Wonder Woman movie.

Here’s how:

No matter how the film does, any time the subject of a Wonder Woman film comes up, they’ll be pointing to this movie as the test. And if this movie isn’t a stellar representation of her?

Game over, goodbye.

But you’re saying, “Batman has had plenty of shitty entries into the film canon. Superman, too.” And you’d be right. But, here’s a secret shh don’t tell anybody: those are white guys.

And this is Hollywood.

Here’s what happens when a film or television show succeeds or fails when white guys are involved: “Great script! Shit script. Strong director. Shoulda gotten a better director.” And so on. It’s judged based on the merits of the film and the roles filled in support of that film.

What happens when a film or television show fails — key word, fails — when one or several women are involved? It’s because she was a woman. “Nobody responds to female-driven comedies,” they might say. “Or this is why we don’t have a lot of female directors.” It won’t be because of the technical merits. Won’t be because of a bad script or a rough market or, or, or.

It’ll be blamed on those with vaginas.

And that’s what will happen here.

If Wonder Woman fails on-screen — hell, if she falls short of the 90% awesome mark on-screen — then the excuse will be, as it has been in various LA-LA-Land meetings already, “Nobody wants to see a Wonder Woman film.” They’ll say she’s hard to get right. Hard to make her work on screen. Whether she’s in this film for five minutes or fifty, this is what we’ll get. And this is why the Marvel approach would’ve been so much more desirable. Creating her movie upfront would have given us a chance to have her succeed on her own merits, not fall down because she’s a value-add in a film about two superdudes. If we had assumed her film was a necessary one before the inevitable Justice League film, it would’ve guaranteed at least one movie.

But that’s not happening. We get this one role. So we’d better hope it’s a good one. Because —

They could make 10 shitty Batman movies, and we’ll always see more Batman movies.

But if Wonder Woman isn’t top of the pops for every second she’s on-screen in Snyder’s film, they’ll burn the character down and salt the earth and the topic won’t come up again for another 30 goddamn years. Wonder Woman will be poison on the lips.

And that’s the danger of putting Wonder Woman in Batman Versus Superman.

It’s a perfect — meaning, sad — example of how you might kill a Wonder Woman franchise.

(Disclaimer: all of this is of course pure speculation. I’ve not seen a script. I’d like to be cautiously optimistic here. But I can base some thoughts on what has come before, and that’s what I’m doing here. Fingers crossed that all of this is delightfully inaccurate.)

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Marvel managed it with Black Widow, but of course they had Scarlett Johansson on their side. Oh, and her name was included in the title since she was an Avenger. But then Marvel seems to be doing it right lately, and poor old Superman has to go up against Batman for a movie.

    • She wasn’t in the title for her first movie, which was Iron Man 2. 🙂

      Which is an interesting point: Marvel’s doing the exact same thing with its major female character. Black Widow played support in a subpar movie, and they brought her back for The Avengers. So far, the plan is still for her to get her own movie.

      • That’s actually very true — Marvel has also relegated BLACK WIDOW to the same fate.

        My very-personal-and-utterly-baseless opinion is that Wonder Woman is a far more interesting character than Black Widow. And I think both deserve standalone films.

        — c.

        • I agree. I’m tired of the bad girl turned good..sorta female hero. I want a real heroic icon like Superman, and I think Wonder Woman can be that hero.

          • I’m not tired of any interesting female character, and I feel like hearing someone say something like that, when we don’t have a full movie, is killing the possibilities that could spread to give you this pipe dream of a WW film. And Black Widow is super interesting. But I’m holding out for a Black Widow/Rescue team up movie – because that would be brilliant.

  2. There is a lot of truth in what you’re saying, and unfortunately, I see the worst case scenario happening because Hollywood has not shown themselves to behave any differently. Though they’re doing a great job destroying a lot of white-guy superheros of late, too. They’ll just be more inclined to give them another go before they will Wonder Woman. Sadly.

  3. Oh wonderful! I thought I was the only one who was dismayed at Lois sudden lack of spine in Man of Steel. I just wanted to see an entire film about Jor-El because he was the most interesting character there.
    I think there is also the fact that Wonderwoman is a hard character to love in the comics which is gonna stack up the odds against her. She has the Superman factor of not being as beloved at Bats, so needs careful attention to the way she is portrayed. I don’t know anything about the actress , but if someone could portray Wondie with all the passion guts and sheer rawness that J.Lawrence brought to Katniss for instance, she could be in for the win. HG is material proof that you can make a mesmerising movie with a strong female protag that even men will love to watch. So was Ripley in Aliens… hmmm (making mental list of brilliant S F characters in film that worked…)

  4. I share your concerns but also have a few more.

    With Superman vs. Batman we already have two big name super heroes that are trying to share screen time. Adding Wonder Woman means that either she is just basically a cameo/extra, or that the script now has to be split between DC’s trinity to do anything right, which is very hard. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are all HUGE names. It’d be like trying to make a Marvel movie starring Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Wolverine. The Avengers works partially because none of the avengers are really super huge draws on their own – at least not compared to say a Wolverine, a Spider-Man, a Superman, or a Batman. Sure they have stand out performances, but their portrayal is normally in the team sense so it works.

    Adding Wonder Woman just makes the script and movie that much harder to get right, which in turn makes it easier to justify never doing another Wonder Woman attempt.

    Also, there have been shitty Batman and Superman movies, but don’t forget that before we got the shit movies we got movies that knocked it out of the park. A lot of people said Batman would never work as a film before they did the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton movie. They did it and it made so much money that it was beyond ridiculous. The same with Christopher Reeves and Superman. Heck, would we be having all these comic book movies at all if Marvel hadn’t had such a huge success with Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man or the X-Men movies that launched Hugh Jackman into full fledged stardom?

    Point is, Wonder Woman deserves a chance at a movie where she can shine on her own and show she can make money. You don’t really get that when you’re not even a title character in a movie. I hope I’m wrong on this…but all the signs point to this being a K.O. to the desire for a WW movie before we even get one in the works.

    • Speaking the 90’s Batman movies and the Spider-Man movies, the last entry in each of those are great examples of the issue of splitting screen time. Spider-Man 3 had a bit of character overload, especially compared to the previous two movies. ‘Batman & Robin’ had the screen time split between three heroes and three villains, and just ended up being a mess. Both of those are arguably the weakest entries in their respective series.

      • For some strange reason Hollywood keeps feeling the need to add more and more names to any sequels. Like you said, they did it with Batman and Spiderman. Ideally you could have made an entire movie with just Venom and Spiderman going full tilt for two hours because Venom is a big enough name on his own. Sandman could have been saved for a fourth film. Hopefully the new Amazing Spiderman movies wont do the whole ” more equals better ” thing. (It does not. I blame Michael Bay.)

  5. Great summary, I agree completely. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get any sort of Wonder Woman movie at all on the screen, bad or good, except vagina. Hopefully they’ll do right by her in B vs S but…eh. We’ll see.

  6. First: Treasure the Gail Simone co-scripted Wonder Woman animated film. The scene with her teaching a young girl how to beat the boys at play sword fighting is my vision of the character in a nutshell.

    Second: Amen. Preach on.

    • Ah, if only that was enough.
      Let’s all hang our heads as we acknowledge that, despite the gee-wiz SFX and “Alternate-Reality Games” and all the other wonderful 21st century stuff that Hollywood uses to gently but insistently suck the money out of our wallets, the ones who really pull the strings are *still* an Old White Boys club.

      Basically, the animated Wonder Woman movie wasn’t enough of a slap in the face to catch AND HOLD their attention. It’s an ugly snake-eating-its-own-tail problem: “No movie with a strong female character has ever made any money before, so we’ll just never give any other such movie anything like a fighting chance.” So Hollywood is simply not a viable option.

      My solution would be to come up with some kind of franchise based on a strong female character, but keep it well under the Hollywood radar for a while. (Kind of like the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, *before* Eastman & Laird sold out to hell and gone.) Give it time for the fan base to establish itself without massive marketing budget. Then make sure that the creator/copyright holder is ready, willing and able to lease the movie rights to a tiny studio in Anywhere-But-Hollywood before giving up “veto power” over every aspect of not only casting and production but marketing and distribution as well.

      “If you’re not going to commit the resources necessary to market this movie to my satisfaction, before so much as a single letter of the movie script is typed, then I’ll take it to a studio that will. You’re not going to take my baby and mangle her to fit your out-of-date and demonstrably unprofitable ideas about what a movie with a strong female protagonist should be like.”

      And then stick to those guns. As sure as the sun rises in the east, the studio will pout and plead and cajole and threaten and manipulate to get things done the Hollywood way… which by definition is NOT the best way to use the franchise. But it’s the only possible way to break this ugly cycle.

  7. I think you hit the nail on the head Chuck :(( But, I’m going to cross my fingers anyway and hope that this movie is just a device to launch her into her own stand alone movie.

  8. As soon as the Joss Whedon/Wonder Woman thing fell apart, I gave up on the whole idea of a decent WW movie. In my opinion, Joss is the only human capable of doing her justice.

  9. I will never forget walking out of the theater after watching X-Men 2, nearly doing laps around the block because THANK THE COMIC GODS, THEY’RE DOING THE DARK PHOENIX SAGA!! And then a terrible thing happened. Singer left the project to do the Superman movie. Oh well. Directors are crucial but that’s not to say you can’t replace a director and still have an exceptional movie. I thought that… until Brett Ratner was given the helm. And rumors started swirling about the script and revisions and things that very slowly, very methodically deflated that high I had been on while leaving the theater. By the time it came out, my interest in seeing X3 was nil and my inner comic nerd wept when the bad reports about the movie funneled in. To this day, I still can’t bring myself to watching it.

    Now, I never had that high to begin with about the Bats vs Supes flick, but the same thing seems to be happening just the same. Every new piece of information they release just has me staring at the article I’m reading,and feeling a little more melancholy – a little more apathetic – than I had been before reading the news. Spider-Man 3 did something similar and as of yet, that nagging, inner sigh has yet to be proven wrong when the pre-release scuttlebutt is this WTF-worthy.

    I’m sorry, Wonder Woman. I hope I’m just being a cynic, but I think the studios are about to fail you again.

  10. Chuck your points about Snyder are spot on, and shared widely among those looking beyond the waif in the bathing suite. When I brought up the possibility of Wonder Woman being the Other Woman was quickly overlooked in a couple threads I participated in yesterday. That would be my biggest fear.

    Of course with the announcement of the Flash appearing in the movie, maybe Wonder Woman and any hero that appears will be tertiary, lending face time to heroes that would appear in a JL movie. This is best case, that this will just be an introduction.

    And you can’t compare Linda Carter to Gal Gadot. Supermodel in the 70s is worlds apart from Supermodel in the 2Ks. No one can put my Linda in a corner. 😛

  11. Ugh. Sucker Punch. I remember my husband was like “Oh, I think you’ll like this.” And afterward I was all WTH? Do you even know me? He apologized.

    Yes, you should write a Wonder Women script. And we should Kickstart it.

    • Sucker Punch is one of those movies I sort of enjoyed while watching it. However, I chalk this up entirely to being at a theater that served alcohol.

  12. Agree, agree, agree, and agree. Sucker Punch is one of the worst movies I’ve suffered through. MOS, while better if only because nothing can suck that much twice, imminently forgettable. Lack of female depth in Snyder’s films. Because Snyder is TERRIBLE. He brings nothing to the table. All gloss, no substance. His two best, Watchmen and 300, were one trick ponies. Look pretty, and Kelly Leak. I am done with DC films until he is out of the picture. (And that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.) Christ, I deplore him as a director. Utterly joyless filmmaker.

    • I actually think he has strength as a director when he’s restrained — like, the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake is basically amazing. It’s better than the first, at least as a pure artifact of zombie horror. Incredibly tense, very well-handled. 300, while shallow, has some truly arresting visuals. Hell, most of his films do.

      The problem is, he needs a good script to work with, and I don’t know that he’s always getting those. Some directors are great when working with their own material (Spielberg, Nolan). Others like Lucas or Snyder might be best when they’re bringing other people’s awesomeness to the screen.

      I dunno.

      — c.

  13. I don’t know why DC isn’t following the same model Marvel did for the Avengers (though I doubt Black Widow will ever get her own movie). I’d like the warrior of Greek myth route. Thor is pretty ridiculous, but it worked. Then again, Kenneth Brannagh isn’t Zach Snyder.

  14. I don’t think this is how they might kill the Wonder Woman franchise, I think this is how they are killing the franchise. As you pointed out, the film is Batman vs Superman, if Ben Affleck doesn’t work as Batman, or attempts to expand Superman his second time out show Henry Cavill doesn’t have much range, neither one will get blamed for wrecking the franchise. The excuse will be Wonder Woman threw off the dynamic. If the film succeeds, the line will be Wonder Woman works as a supporting character. Look for lots of iterations of “After all, if Joss Whedon couldn’t make her work as a lead with Angelina Jolie attached, maybe she’s better off in the background?” Everything about this feels like DC moving to shut up everyone shouting for a Wonder Woman movie, either by “proving” she kills a movie or cementing her as a supporting act.

  15. A friend of mine said that Joss Whedon approached DC with a script for a Wonder Woman film, and they turned him down. This was before he did The Avengers. Don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, that explains why DC’s fumbling while Marvel’s coasting along.

  16. Chuck, I like the way you think. I would love to see a Wonder Woman franchise like the one you envision.

    Having said that, I’m completely out of the loop on the Wonder Woman-Gal Gadot issue. I just looked her up, because I don’t see a lot of movies these days. I’m too busy tied to my desk writing a book!

    That is a lovely woman with gorgeous bone structure (I’m also a classicly trained portrait artist). She seems to be a tall and slim woman. Lynda was more buxom. Is that what the issue is? If so, who effing cares? She’ll be fab as Wonder Woman. Lovely girl with a great figure and a fabulous face. End of story.

    • If Gal Gadot is slim and non-busty I think that would actually be more sensible!

      The one (or is it two?) part(s) I never ‘got’ about Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman was her bustiness. Speaking as someone else who got more than her required ration when it came to handing out muhumanas, I can testify that having a big rack SERIOUSLY hampers any attempts at being athletic. Even running for a bus is fraught with danger. And sure, you can talk about ‘wearing the right bra’ all you want… but, bottom line is, have you ever seen a buxom professional female athlete? I rest my case.

      (And now I think of it, you rarely saw Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman run – and when you did it was s-l-o-w and ever-so-dainty. Clearly she had that golden lasso for practical as well as kick-ass reasons!)

        • She certainly was… but I’m not sure the public ever demanded that she be a mythical superhero. ;^)

          Plus I think even Ms.Williams might have found her performance hampered if she had to wear Wonder Woman’s ‘look ma – no support!’ booby-grazer instead of her professional-grade sports bra. Lordy, Lynda Carter must’ve gone home and ACHED at the end of every filming day!

      • My soccer teammates who were large-breasted wore multiple sports bras to do so. One girl wore five at a time, so much she had to add a cup size on the last one to accommodate material comfortably. Hockey teammates did more than that, because hockey equipment over nipples is a definition of un-fun.

        So yes, definitely. There are times I wish I were larger-breasted; while playing sports/athletic activities (as opposed to feeling spor-tay) is never one of them.

  17. 1-Zach Snyder = good director, bad storyteller.

    2-Wonder Woman was PASSED by every studio when Joss Whedon was writing it. You know, the guy created did Buffy, River, and gave us a fun Black Widow.

    3-Here’s the real problem with Wonder Woman — Investor money, particularly for Action Movies backs almost solely male stars (Feel free to replace almost solely with exclusively). You can thank our hedge fund, punch in x + y to equal profit biz model for that.

    4-What’s really sad?

    DC is trying to play catch-up with Marvel. Oh Avengers did well! Justice League! OMG OMG! We haven’t spent a decade setting it up like Avengers did, but who cares?! MONEY!!! People are stupid, right? Same thing!

    And they are grossly overlooking IP they have that Marvel simply can’t compete with:


    Marvel doesn’t have an A-List female superhero. They don’t have anything that can open her own movie.

    If I were at WB / DC, I’d care a hell of a lot less about Justice League. I’d even not really care abotu Batz/Supes movie (especially since you now need a new Batz and MoS was… well, I mean, I guess the new Superman could play Batman. He’s definitely dark enough).

    I’d focus on a Wonder Woman solo movie before anything else.

    • Amen!
      Point: “And they are grossly overlooking IP they have that Marvel simply can’t compete with:

      Set aside Black Widow (token badass chick with no real powers and a crush on Hawkeye), and what does Marvel have? Storm? Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix? Also, if Marvel gave a shit about a female role in Avengers they would have went with Scarlet Witch.

      Chuck, I pray they don’t reduce her to the other woman, or worse yet, the damsel in distress.

      I think Wonder Woman does need an introduction. Especially if Amazon (TV SERIES) never happens.
      Do I want her to have her own film? HELL YES. But if they introduce her in a secondary role in Batman vs Superman, and do it in a HUGE way… like she plays a key role in solving whatever epic problem they face… then isn’t that the best kind of set-up for her own film? HER best chance (given the mostly male audience of superhero/action films)?

      Then again– Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman may be the catalyst to pull Superman and Batman into the Justice League films. Think about it. 3 of the original 7.

  18. I hate to say this, but DC’s problem writing, not just women characters, but characters in general, may get in the way. Batman is the only character in the DC Comics roster we can hold up as both iconic AND inherently interesting at a human/psychological level. Superman? Typically personality-free, despite his high profile. Wonder Woman? Some great stuff has been written with her, but also some really pointless and uninteresting stuff. Marvel has an easier time with characters in general, so it makes sense their female characters will also come out a little better.

    This doesn’t negate, however, any of your points about Snyder and the treatment of women in movies, especially in action or comic book-based movies. I’m simply trying to add that there’s additional inertia that may complicate things further

  19. THANK YOU! You put the issue so well.
    I’d love to see a Wonder Woman movie. Greek mythology is so awesome. My only problem with wonder woman is that they always portray her as feministic and so many of her problems are women-discrimination related. And it’s kind of like … can she please just kick some ass? We know there’s still some discrimination left (your point in this post being an example) but that’s why I’d like to just see a movie where a female super hero kicks ass and not be reminded by the movie itself that it was hard to get her a contract to begin with.

  20. As always, the Chuck abides with wise words and wit. I had a look at Tumblr’s reaction to this, and predictably, it was:

    b) “She’s too skinny”
    d) HOW COULD THEY CAST SOMEONE INVOLVED IN (insert various anti-israeli things here)
    e) They better give her a movie of her own!

    I agree with points a, c, and e, of course, but still. I wonder how the rest of the internet is taking it?

  21. There needs to be a Wonder Woman in a movie, in several movies, and we need to beat Hollywood down that she needs to be portrayed (and can be portrayed in different ways). This is not the be all and end all of female superheroine lead roles. Capt. Marvel is going to get out there with (let’s all pray) Katee Sackhoff at the helm. Let’s make MULTIPLE movies, and let’s get Wonder Woman out there in multiple forms (like in the comics) for us all to digest. Because we need her.

  22. Tl;dr: Movie makers are sexist because this guy says so and therefore the female character must be given special attention because she is female. To fight sexism, of course.


  23. It wasn’t just Lois who became a worse character in the later half of Man of Steel. Pretty much every character had all the fun and wit sucked out of them and replaced with heavy-handed “drama,” like their dialogue was suddenly the most goddamn important thing anyone’s ever said ever.

  24. I would love to see a well done Wonder Woman movie. She is an incredibly strong character with a fairly well fleshed out back ground in the comics and it lends itself to the darker aspect of things, much like the Dark Knight Franchises. Amazons (according to history) were more than just damn good warriors, they were merciless to men, even infants, and the fact that Diana was carved from stone and brought to life using magic would make for an interesting personal hurdle she would have to overcome. The thing I worry about is Wonder Woman movies becoming fodder for feminism(anti-feminism) in the worst possible ways.

  25. Cracking post. Why would anyone give Wonder Woman a try out cameo role in a film about Batman and Superman? I mean really? Because Wonder Woman kicks royal arse on her own. So annoying.



  26. Spot-on, as usual. It’s scary how “Old Boys Network” Hollywood still is. Not that I say that as an insider. But it was blatantly clear in Man of Steel that poor Lois never stood a chance. Amy Adams had nothing to work with, and that’s just a damn shame. Mago Kidder’s Lois had far more way back then. WTF?!
    Zack Snyder, you’d better do Wonder Woman justice, or (hopefully) you’re going to have an angry mob of women banging down your Bentley’s door.

  27. Seriously Wonder Woman needs three things: her own movie, a woman director, and a woman writer. Has anyone actually read the Joss Whedon script? It’s fucking terrible. Honestly I don’t understand how the go to feminist (sorry genderist…) writer in Hollywood.

  28. Random thought: I have to wonder if part of the reason Hollywood is reluctant to make a movie about a female super hero (ANY female super hero, really) is due to Elektra being such a big, fat flop. Jennifer Garner was a good choice, maybe not perfect, to play the role. She was a popular actress (still is) on a TV show where she played a character that kicked ass first and asked permission later. But the movie still didn’t do well. If you’ve got a lot of money riding on something, and you don’t have much history to look back on, you see the bomb that is that movie and say, LOL nope. Nope nope nope.

  29. In Snyder’s defence – and this may be the ONLY thing I have to offer thusly – the Sarah Polley character in Dawn of the Dead 2004 was literally everything I ever wanted from a heroine. She’s not a robot by any means, she can be vulnerable when safe to be, but she is extremely capable, gutsy, funny and physical as required. She is not defined by the male characters around her, and her relationship with the male lead is closer to Ripley/Hicks than anything else.

    WTF happened to the guy who directed that movie, I don’t know.

  30. It’s Batman/Superman movie. Everyone else is a side-dish whether it’s Wonder Woman, Green Lantern or Elongated Man.

  31. “I don’t recall Wonder Woman being in my history books, do you? ” Very strange point. As if you’re claiming has no history. Wonder Woman indeed has a very long history in print. She a character that holds expectations that spring from that history. The actress cast doesn’t really fulfill those expectations. In an age of widespread body dysmorphism it seems nearly irresponsible to argue pro skinny-female. Most folk envision WW as a statuesque and voluptuous role model.

  32. I thonk you should write a screenplay. You could totally do it. Take a leaf out of the Always Sunny crew’s book 🙂

  33. As far as Joss is concerned, he does seem to have a habit of knowing when and how to work his way along concerning female characters. Look at Buffy, or River. They have a bit of mystery about them at the off, and as time goes on he has learned to shape, reshape and to develop over time adding dimension after dimension as he moves forward. As far as Avengers is concerned, we get the previously established Widow, and come next year we’ll be looking at Scarlet Witch as well. If he’d begun with Scarlet Witch, I don’t know if Marvel might have been so enthused.

    And Chuck, I have absolutely no issues with rough and tumble, Wendig-fueled Wonder Woman. Majestic might be the proper word here.

  34. While I realize that a lot of feminists find the movie problematic, I completely disagree with your opinion on Sucker Punch. I loved it! The only issue I saw with it was the role of the wise man (like, women are incapable of thinking of a way out for themselves? Wtf?). Other than that, I thought it was very empowering: going from incest victim (passive) to inmate of an insane asylum (passive) but then to prostitute (yes, empowering–because TAKING power over creepy men!) and finally to warrior (balls, man!). Yes, the girls all looked like manga caricatures and had sexist/demeaning names: but I think that was exactly the point because they were made that way by the men yielding power over them. And yes–SPOILER ALERT–Babydoll sacrifices herself, but she doesn’t sacrifice herself for a man! I think the wise man was put in as the token decent male character. Just my 2 cents.

  35. I would definitely be interested in a Whedon WW because we know she’d be smart and strong and ultimately not need a man (although she may have one or end up with one, it won’t define her).

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