Merch Sale: 50% Off Mugs And T-Shirts

You will note that I have a few items of Merch for sale here on the site.

This Merch tends to be of the “mug” and “t-shirt” variety.

I sell them using Zazzle.

And, hey, lookie lookie.

Today Zazzle is running a sale on GASP mugs and t-shirts.

So, if you procure any of the terribleminds merch items, and use the following code:


You will get 50% off.

Also, if you’d like to see any other kind of merch on this site, lemme know, yeah? Anything from the site you’d like to see on a mug, t-shirt or Other Customizable Product, please plop down into the comments and say the word. Say thankee-sai.