The Pumpkins Have Been Carved And Chosen

And so the pumpkin carving contest is complete.

Six entries total. And I promise you: this is a very hard decision on my part.

Check out the entries, which I’ve named (the name of the entry is above each photo):

“The Uber-Zombie.”

“Cernunnos’ Cage”

“The Zombie Pigman”

“Typewriter Eyes”

“The Penmonkey”

“The Blighted”

(For a bonus version of the Penmonkey one — here’s a shot of it glowing.)

These are all very exciting, obviously. I mean, I want to vote for them all and cover them in kisses (WHAT SHUT UP I CAN MAKE OUT WITH A PUMPKIN IF I WANNA.) Just the same, everybody can’t be winners (unless it’s elementary school), and so I have chosen –

*drum roll*

“Cernunnos’ Cage!”

It’s both a killer pumpkin and a cool-ass photo. (Love the way the light reflects on the book.) And it depicts a whole scene straight out of the book, which is a win.

So, that’s my winner.

It is the pumpkin of Melanie Weisberg, aka Rattify from the Twitters.

Melanie, you win a big ol’ stack of books from me. So: I’ll email you! Congrats!

NOW, it is your turn to vote for a winner.

Drop a comment below and vote for your favorite (excluding Melanie’s “Cernunnos’ Cage,” as she already won once!) — the second prize winner gets three Miriam Black e-books, including a copy of the newest, The Cormorant.

To vote: just put the name of your favorite pumpkin entry in the comments.

Again: do not vote for Cernunnos’ Cage.

The others are fair game.

EDIT: Voting ends at midnight tonight!



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