Crowdsourced: Top Ten Paranormal Romance Books

So, as you’ll note, Monday is at present the day I pop by to ask you about your essential reads in a given category — now thanks to Carol McKenzie we’re doing the tallying.

Today, it’s paranormal romance.

Here’s the top ten — well, okay, twelve because the last several were tied in their number of mentions — paranormal romance as decided by you cats and kittens.

Talk about it in the comments.

Agree? Disagree? What’s missing?

1. J.R. Ward: Black Dagger Brotherhood series

2. Nalini Singh: Psy-Changeling series

3. Karen Marie Moning: Fever series

4. Jeaniene Frost: Night Huntress

5. Kresley Cole: Immortals After Dark series

6. Kelley Armstrong: Bitten

7. Nalini Singh: Guild Hunter series

8. J.R. Ward: Lover Awakened

9. Stephenie Meyer: Twilight

10. Sherrilyn Kenyon: Dark Hunters series

11. Delilah Dawson: Wicked As They Come

12. Gena Showalter: Lords of the Underworld series

(The next ten authors listed, with some repeats from above, were: Richelle Mead, Nalini Singh, Thea Harrison, Angela MacAllister, J.R. Ward, Charlaine HArris, Elizabeth Hunter, Diana Rowland, Marjorie Liu, and Karen Marie Moning.)


  • When reading comments by others on this topic I thought I had found a ‘new’ author as so many had put forward J R Ward. So I finally picked up a copy of one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books…phwwh. I’m obviously in a world of my own over here in the UK as she annoyed me in the first few pages by thinking that by just adding an ‘h’ to names it would make them sound – well, what? More paranormal, more sexy, more mysterious? More bloody irritating I’m afraid. I’m going to read my way down the top 10 list but the number 1 choice left me less than impressed. I’m off to try Nalini Singh…

    • Gaye, I think I had the same reaction you did to Ward, but I’m going to try again. I keep seeing the Black Dagger series mentioned all over the place. I’ll give it through the Kindle sample. We’ll see.

      It’s just strange how some things catch on…

    • No, you are correct. I have read most of these authors. I love the top five EXCEPT J.R. Ward. Her books are long and boring and annoying. Okay, maybe they aren’t always boring, but they’re annoying enough that they get kinda boring.

    • I too attempted the Ward series and couldn’t get much past the first forty pages. I suggest Moning’s Fever if you haven’t read it already.

    • I tried to get into the series but got tired of the constant torcher. Read the immortal after dark series by kresley cole and lords of the underworld by gena showalter you will enjoy them much better.

  • Hate the Twilight series with a passion… it’s just plain crapola…

    Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series? Well, I have quite a few of them (which I found on the footpath across the road from my unit complex in a huge bag… along with some J.R. Ward books – well, that bag saved me about $100 in buying new books for that month.) but I haven’t read any of them yet.

    I do recommend reading Lynsay Sands – funny vampire novels which will have you giggling and laughing out in public and wanting more at the end of the book! :D Also, Caridad Pineiro is another great author who writes mystery vampire romance… great stuff. :)

  • Love that J.R. Ward made the list twice, especially as the Number 1. She is the reigning Queen and is deserving of the crown.

    For all you Twilight ‘haters’…ppfffffffbbbbbttttt. And if you still don’t believe that Stephanie Meyers is worthy of the title author, please do yourself a favor and read (not just see the movie….duh) The Host. She is rock solid.

    • Not to be argumentative, but, rather for clarification, Stephanie Meyer stated (via press conference) that she will not write anymore to the Twilight Series. I do believe she will continue to write as she expands herself as a Producer. I wish her well.

  • A name that I think is notably missing from this is list is Lara Adrian (Midnight Breed series). And while I wouldn’t call myself a Twilight “Hater” exactly, I definitely don’t think it’s in the same class as these others. Although that may partially be because I’m not a fan of YA in general – I like grown up stories. YA is a little too tame for me.

  • Really surprised Charlaine Harris isn’t higher. But then I suppose the tv show has seen more success than the books … and are much closer to “Art” quality than the books too. All the same, they’re an enjoyable read. Can’t wait to dig into some of these titles I haven’t already read.

  • Just as science fiction is dominated by male writers, paranormal romance is dominated by female writers. Not a knock, not surprising, just an observation.

  • Paranormal fan I am indeed since I’ve been reading 8 out of 12 of these authors for the past 9 years. The only one I don’t agree with is #9…. Not because of the writing, which was great, or the world building, which was intriguing, but because of the disappointing fact that the lead female character is absolutely no roll model for any young woman. Annnd that’s my two cents. :)

  • I agree with most of them and have read all but two. But, if I’m not mistaken, Twilight is a YA PNR while the other series/authors listed are all adult PNR. And, because it’s geared toward a younger audience, Twilight lacks the heat level the rest on the list contain. Twilight feels misplaced and would find a better home on the YA PNR list.
    Just my thoughts, read on.

  • I just… this made my night. Kind of like when Amanda Seyfried fainted on the Les Mis set and woke up between Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. But I’m between Sheri and Gena. <3

  • I absolutely loved the J R Ward series( and by the way, # 8 is a part of the BDB series so…?). I was surprised Lara Audrain’s Midnight Breed was not listed as well. Loved that 5 of my picks did make the top 12, though!

  • September 11, 2013 at 9:00 PM // Reply

    Loved the list, just couldn’t belive Christine Feehan isn’t on it. Drake Sisters…Ghostwalkers….Dark series- any one of these series could be here!

  • I’d like to pitch an up-and-coming PNR author, Darynda Jones with her Charley Davidson series. Raunchy, funny, sarcastic, sexy. It entertained my husband and he likes the “man” books like Jack Reacher and The Wheel of Time series’. That has to mean something, right? ;)

  • J.R.Ward’s BDB series is the “bloody” best hands down. I have not found another series or novel out there to even compare and I loved all the books, which shocked me, even though I’m picky. I picked up the Frost series (first two) and so far… I hate them. As for Meyers Twilight. I think they are in a diff., category as in YA but still not bad and better then sookie. The name even kills me. Sound like a project chic. I was into nonfiction before Ward… With the exception of Stoker & DeLillo. J. R.Ward has a beautiful naughty mind & I don’t know how anyone could not love her series.

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