News-Flavored News Nuggets Slathered In Sweet-N-Sour News Sauce

*dons rubber newscaster mask*

*stands behind a news desk made from the bones of my enemies*

It’s time for a newstastic roundup. Let’s see, where to begin?

First, hey, if you’re going to Lonestarcon / Worldcon or are a supporting member, you have one more week to vote (click here to do so). I’ll just casually nudge you — tickle tickle — to remind you that I am in some very good company in that I am nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Ahem. Wink wink. *does an erratic tap dance*

Next up: in advance of next week’s release of Under the Empyrean Sky, I stop by to answer their Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe. There you can learn my secret not-so-shameful shame, my secret nickname, and other wondrously magical trivial — er, trivia! — tidbits about me. (Pro-tip: anybody who calls me “Chazz” gets facemurdered.)

Oh! Speaking of Under the Empyrean Sky… it’s totally out next week! AAAAAAAAAH. Ahem. Anyway! It’s still up for pre-order at a very low, very cozy prize. Only $3.99 for the Kindle edition, and $10.79 for the hardcover edition. I don’t suspect those prices will remain after it goes on sale next Tuesday, but what the hell do I know? Check it out here. (Just, umm, ignore those nasty reviews where people are cranky at me for being all vulgar and sexy and stuff.)

Also: I stop by Publishers Weekly radio this week (hosted by publishing icon Rose Fox) and talk about urban fantasy and writing advice. Go listen!

What next? Ah! Yes. I’ll be at the Joseph E. Coleman Northwest Regional Library on Saturday, September 21st from 3pm – 5pm talking about writing and books and signing books and performing heretical rituals to forbidden gods. Details on the event –> here.

Finally! My novel Bait Dog (featuring cracked Southern belle teenage detective-slash-vigilante Atlanta Burns — think Veronica Mars on Adderall) has dropped in price — right now it’s at $2.99 for the Kindle edition riiiiiiight here. Note that with this novel you also get the first Atlanta Burns story, Shotgun Gravy, included in the e-book.

And that’s that.

*disappears in a puff of eye-stinging Axe body spray*


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