I Enter Scott Sigler’s Hallucinogenic Pop Culture Dreamscape

So, Bad-Ass Bestselling Author Scott Sigler said, “Hey, you should come on my YouTube show,” and I said, “NO I DON’T WANT YOUR CANDY BUT THAT IS A PRETTY SWEET VAN IS THAT A WIZARD PAINTED ON THE SIDE?” and he’s like, “Yes,” and then I got in the van.

Regardless, he let me talk about The Blue Blazes, then he let me talk about a bunch of other stuff and he put that in a whole separate bonus interview, which is right here:

So, thanks to Herr Doktor Sigler for having me on and letting me ramble.

He actually puts together a really swanky looking videocast, so.

Plus, rad van, sweet candy, and a helluva mustache.


  • Chuck I’m glad I found you. You give out great advice, you’re funny about it, you’re passionate about what you do and all together seem like an honest great guy! Keep it up! I wish you all the best!

    P.S. I want your bookshelf I’ve always wanted a bookshelf and you’re seem like the perfect one! Oh yeah and you did awesome in your interview! (daydreaming about that fancy bookshelf) 😀

  • Two of my favorite authors who write stuff I probably wouldn’t have picked up were they not so damn generous and cool. I tend to gravitate toward more mainstream fiction, but I do believe if I factor in your traditionally published books, the Bait Dog Kickstarter project, and the Dinocalypse Kickstarter project, I’ve read more stuff from you in the last couple years than writers I’ve revered all my life. Oh yeah, and your self-published stuff, too! Glad to see things keep opening up for ya!

  • June 5, 2013 at 10:40 AM // Reply

    That was totally hilarious. Your blogs are always entertaining and actually, you know, worth something. Please keep doing what you do!

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