The Blue Blazes: Offspring Of The Void

“The monsters of the Abyss. Offspring of the Void. The children of the Hungry Ones, of the Deep Shadows, of Those Who Eat. Birthed from the Maw-Womb, given life down in the dark – – wriggling, screaming, baying for blood and singing lamentations to the lack of light. The gobbos, or goblins, those most common denizens of the Great Below, half-mindless, willing to eat their own young, a tribe or hive of peons and pawns, Hell’s own foot-soldiers. The Trogbodies or troglodytes, blind golems of stone and clay and silt. The Snakefaces, or Nagas and Naginis, those hidden seducers, those worms in the rock…”

The Blue Blazes

Coming May 27th, 2013.





(text by Chuck Wendig; art artifacts by Joey Hi-Fi)