Quickie Blackbirds Kindle Giveawaypalooza

I’m going to give away five copies of Blackbirds on Kindle.

This is open only to US residents because, well, I can’t gift copies outside the US.

It’s 12 noon EST right now.

You’ve got till 3PM EST to play ball.

Three hours.

Here’s how you win a copy:

Leave a comment below with your favorite piece of creative profanity. The standards will not apply — we’ve all heard “fuck” and “shit.” Let’s hear something new.

(Example: “cock-waffle.”)

Impress me with your vulgarity.

I’ll pick five winners this afternoon and boom, free Blackbirds e-book.

For the rest of you, Blackbirds remains $3.49 at Amazon and has popped into the Top 20 Urban Fantasy releases there (this, a year after its release!). Thanks, all.

Now get thee to a cursery!


We have our winners!

“Muggle-fuckers.” Wren Roberts (bonus points for her being named after a character in Mockingbird, which provides nice parity, here.)

“Pink-eyed jizz-whistler,” Cameron Clemons (so jaunty! so fun!)

“Festering pile of diseased feces covered in the aborted senate bills of a bygone era.
” – D. Moonfire (really, it’s the “aborted senate bills of a bygone era” that is most profane)

“Cock-kicking fuckpucker.” –Megan Hart (pure art!)

“Picklesniffing turdmonger.” – Hilary Monahan (vulgar while still utterable by a toddler!)

And a runner-up that will not win because I am a jerky-faced stickler-jerk for spelling, but just the same, I love it oh-so-very-much:

“The YouTube comments of a menstrating badger.” – John Gardner

Wren, Cameron, D. Moonfire, Megan, and Hilary —

Email me the email address where you want the e-book sent.

Hit me at terribleminds at gmail dot com.