Blackbirds: $3.49

“Fast, ferocious, sharp as a switchblade and fucking fantastic.”
– Lauren Beukes, author of Zoo City and The Shining Girls

* * *

Looking for an excuse to buy in and try out Blackbirds?

The first Miriam Black book is now just $3.49 for Kindle and Nook:



(The paper books are on sale, too, at Amazon or B&N.)

(EDIT: B&N has already bumped it back to $6.49?)

I’m poised to begin work on The Cormorant this week (playlist incoming over the next day or three), so now’s a good time to jump in and check out the first book in the series. Book #2, Mockingbird, is already out, and The Cormorant drops in December of this year.

It’s actually been a year now that Blackbirds has been out, so thanks all for checking out the book and saying lots of nice things and leaving a wealth of spirited, positive reviews. For a book that took a long time to write and get out into people’s hands, it’s been very satisfying.

You rock.

Hope you dig the book.

*disappears in a puff of black feathers*


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