Three More Days For The Bundle Of Holding

Sometimes, game designers get crazy and jump the fence of their respective gamer paddocks and they run off to a distant meadow to write a novel. Or, if you’re like some of us, to write ALL THE NOVELS (I’m looking at you, Matt Forbeck). Anyway! Point is, you’ve got three whole days to hop on over and check out a little thing called The Bundle of Holding.

This bundle — in the vein of other bundled things like the Humble Indie Bundle or Storybundle — is a collection of novels and other stories, in this case all written by storytellers who have also designed games. You’ll find the tales of Allen Varney, Mur Lafferty, Matt Forbeck, and more.

Oh, and you’ll find me in there, too.

Therein lurks my short story collection, Irregular Creatures.

Like with the other bundles, you can name your price.

And a portion (that you choose) goes to charity, as well.

So: do check out the Bundle of Holding.

Three more days to get ten books at a price you choose with charity on the mix.


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