A Question For Floridians

I’ll be heading down to America’s dangling land-wang — AKA “Florida” — soon to do some research. (No dates yet but assume in the next 60 days.) My goal is to hit up Miami and the Keys and surrounding environs (as a goodly portion of the next Miriam Black book will be set there.)

That said, a question:

I’ve been noodling doing a book signing down there but it doesn’t quite look like that’ll work out in terms of timing with the various bookstore options (all of whom were very nice in dealing with me)– but, I did wonder if I arranged some kind of Ninja Book Signing / Hangout / Kaffeeklatsch / Boozefest / Q&A, if there’d be any interest at all from folks in that region.

So, I’m asking:

Any interest?


  • DAMMIT. I just moved THIS WEEK from FL to Portland, OR (I had to get out of that clusterfuck of a state), but I’d have been all over this. As it is, I’ll send some less fortunately located peeps your way.

    • @Amber —

      Not exactly in Miami, but the area in and around it — Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Gables, the Keys. Florida’s a big big state and I don’t know that I’ll have time to get beyond that area. 🙂

      — c.

  • Unfortunately, I live in Central Florida but I can tell you right now I’d love to get you to sign some stuff for me. You’ve been an awesome help with your blog and your advice and I wouldn’t be on my way to getting published without you. And to that end, I selfishly ask you to consider maybe Tampa or Orlando instead just because Miami’s a day trip for us poor central Floridians.

    • Damn, Tampa’s what, five hours or so from Miami? I’m trying to go south is the thing, and I’m not sure the time works out to hop all over the state (though the desire is most certainly there). It’d be different if I had a bookstore signing or something there, but the ninja book signing would be rough if I end up showing up and… y’know, nobody else does and I drove to Tampa for no reason. 😀

      — c.

  • I live in the Fort Myers/Naples area. It is down the Miami way, but on the Gulf Coast. I doubt you’d get over here. But, it would be awesome for you to do so. I’ve only been following your blog for about a week now, but your post about how you can tell if you’re a writer…not to sound gay…kind of changed my life. Just saying.

  • Florida is the land wang of America? Huh. I’ll never look at the Keys the same again. Or the froth on the ocean. Or the . . . nevermind. Miami is too damn far away, but If you change planes in Atlanta, that would be cool. I’ll show you some good ol’ fashioned moonshine, and I’ll guarantee to bundle you back on the plane in time.

  • If you’re victim of of Atlanta airports marathon layovers, shout out to me and I’ll MARTA down and buy you a round. I don’t imbibe myself but I can be supportive.

    As a former Floridian, I offer the following advice:

    1) Order a Cafe Con Leche only from Cuban owned cafes with dirty tables or a roach coach. I swear, your beard with be soaked with tears of joy.

    2) Pressed Cubans Only!!

    3) If you want to day trip from Miami to Key West, have a look at the distance on a map. It’s a 5-7 hour drive to Key West’s tip. Florida is a huge state.Plan ahead.

    4) There’s a reason all the weirdness happens in Florida. I have a saying about Florida – “If you can make in New York, you can make it anywhere. If you can’t make it anywhere, you’ll probably end up living in Florida” Keep in mind that half of people you meet are full blown psychotic. Not mirthfully eccentric. Fully you-put-radio-isotopes-in-my-slurpee-so-i-will-machete-you crazy.

    5) No one’s meaner that a 80 y/o retiree from Boca Raton.

    6) Bring shorts and sunblock.

    7) Have a good time. You’ll meet some nice folk from every part of the world.

    • Sounds like Miriam Black will get along with Florida just fine. It also sounds like someone there might skin me for my coat, but so be it.

      Re: Miami to Key West — 7 hours?! — man, most reports have it at 3-4.

      — c.

    • How true about the psychotics! I live in Ocala and work in the psych hospital there. Definitely no shortage of psychotics.

    • March 8, 2013 at 12:29 AM // Reply

      You forgot that a large number of those psychotic’s are also armed…the wonders of concealed carry.

  • March 6, 2013 at 8:45 PM // Reply

    Miami to Key West should take a little less that 4 hours…unless there’s a crazy accident on Overseas Highway and they close it for a few hours

  • Damn, I live in Tampa. If you do get a chance (and have a desire to pet a monkey), check out Monkey Jungle in Miami. Lots ‘o monkey-feeding goodness on the rainforest tour.

  • If it’s at a time when I can be there (as in not during work, and at a time when my husband is around to be with the kids) then I will be there. A slight bit of notice would rock, mind you, and make it that much more likely. But… Yeah.

  • I’d love to get my copy of Blackbirds inked up (or, if it was an option, some of my Hunter: the Reckoning stuff), and while I am in the Tampa are I could probably manage the trip down on a weekend with a bit of notice. It would be pretty sweet to put a Wendig autographed Utopia next to my Stolze signed Redeemer. Also, apparently, Tampa loves Chuck Wendig and his beard.

  • LIke so many others I’m on the other side of the state, north of Tampa in the land of the mermaids. Otherwise I’d love a chance to see you in person.

    On the skinning for coats thing, if you plan on driving up A1A north of Miaimi, be careful of where/when you go. I passed through a scary place when I made that trip. Its been years ago though, in the midst of the crack epidemic … but still … message me if you need any details. I can be brief.

    if you make it all the way down to Key West (you really should you know) check out the state (national?) park there. Its got a great swimming spot and an awsome old fort to tour, in addition to all the usual haunts of course.

    Happy trails!!

  • You do realize Florida is the drain sock of the US, right? And Miami being at the bottom of said sock…

    I live in the Charlotte County area, Florida’s little secret.

  • Well, I’m in Homestead, the gateway to the Keys, so your plans work out perfectly for me. I could promise you some badass tacos. There’s a large Mexican community of farm workers here, and consequently some great taco joints.

  • Miami to Key West? Worth the drive, (pithy thoughts from a relocated Floridian.)

    3-4 hours is right on. Just expect to slow the hell down after the 7-mile bridge. Speed traps galore in Big Pine Key where the deer are the size of a small dog. Need a detour? No Name Pub, on yup, you guessed it, No Name Key. The perfect hole in the wall for pizza, brewski’s, and local color.

    Good eats in Key West from the food-lover in me: Santiago’s Bodega in Bahama Village-just follow the roosters and chickens. Louie’s Backyard-fine dining (yes-I’m serious) and waterfront views.

    If you make it to KW, I hope you’re meeting with the Key West Literary Society-they’re not as snooty a group as it sounds.

    Happy trails!

  • Another Lee County denizen here. Which is right across Alligator Alley from Miami. *cough*. If you do find your way here, hit Sanibel Island for sweet beaches, great shelling, and wonderful low-key restaurant s like The Lazy Flamingo. (Go the extra mile to The Bubble Room out on Captiva Island, where all the waitstaff are dressed up as Scouts and you eat slices of red velvet cake as big as your head while you watch Christmaa trains wend their way through the joint.)

    While in the Keys, you must go to The Fish House for dinner and have the pan-sautéed grouper. Amazing.

  • I’m perfectly located to come to your signing! Yesss!! *fist pump* South end o’ Broward County, here. Please, feel free to come do a signing in South Florida! Broward or Miami-Dade is perfect! Did you check with Books & Books in Coral Gables to schedule that signing? They host numerous awesome authors such as yourself throughout the year and might be able to squeeze you into a corner somewhere. 😉

  • I live in Miami, and though I rarely venture out I would very likely go to this thing as you are awesome and your beard is awesome and your dog is awesome and your kid is awesome and especially because Miriam Fucking Black is awesome!

  • You sure you don’t want to visit the House of Mouse? The Orlando Convention Center hosts Megacon next weekend, which is expected to attract about 40,000 moneyed geeks. Driving in Miami represents an unreasonable threat to my sanity, but I’ve been meaning to visit Key West for about a decade. Perhaps I’ll see you there.

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