Me, GenreCon, Brisbane (Translation: Holy Crap! Australia!)

News for you Australian-types out there:

I’m one of the guests of honor at GenreCon in Brisbane this year!

Obviously, this is extremely flattering to be invited, and to also get to travel to the opposite end of this little blue-green marble in order to meet friends and fans. I SEEK TO LEARN YOUR AUSTRALIAN WAYS. Please teach me. And also please protect me from your army of venomous creatures. (Seriously, every time I read about Australia it never fails to mention something about your unholy host of venomous creatures. I think everything has venom over there. “The average Australian Cattle Hound has venom glands near its dew-claws, and when it nibbles on its paws it creates a toxic hell-froth inside its muzzle and…”)

Seriously, though:

Fucking. Excited.

Thanks to the kind folks of GenreCon for having me. Hope to see some of you there!

Details on GenreCon here.


  • Never mind about the venomous man-eating fauna, Chuck – you’ll be in Brisbane, which marks the arrival of each afternoon with a furious thunderstorm and torrential downpour. Concentrate on building an immunity to lung infections brought on by repeated drenching.

    (You’re right about the Cattle Hounds though – vicious little buggers)

    Seriously, I was tossing up whether I could fit Genrecon into my schedule this year. I think this news just tipped the scales. See you there.

  • Don’t listen to the rest of them Chuck. Us Aussies always exaggerate the dangerous nature of our fauna and flora.


    (Come on people, don’t scare him off. You know we can only avoid being eaten if we attract enough unsuspecting “tourists” to our shores to sate our venomous overlords’ terrible hunger)

  • Oh, it’s Brisbane. You’ll be fine. The Premier’s rounded up all the dropbears and given them ministerial posts. Now, if you want to encounter some entertainingly dangerous wildlife (and plants, i.e.stinging trees), you need to head up to the Deep North.

  • Oh if only I could go. I too live up in the ‘Deep North’ where the waves of snakes thrive, the very vegetarian kangaroos and cassowaries (think velociraptor sized chickens) will beat you to death, and where the most tiny, most invisible lil’ jellyfishes like to hang out at the beach, also killing just for fun.
    But, unfortunately, the venomous overlo- I mean, my broke student bank account makes it very unlikely I will get to attend GenreCon. I hope you like Australia nonetheless.

  • Don’t worry Chuck. Not a huge number of taipans and trapdoor spiders in the State Library, even in Brisbane. Never ceases to amuse me how folks from places that have rattlesnakes, cyotes, wolves and BEARS think Australia is dangerous! 🙂

  • I was excited enough knowing GenreCon was going to be here in Bris-vegas, but now – wahoo! See you there.

    Also, as an aside, you’ll find most of the poisonous creatures are in the more rural areas. You should be safe if you stick to the city (and steer clear of small black spiders with red stripes on their butts) ;p

  • What the flipping flip, Chuck Wendig? I live an hour north of Brisbane and would TOTALLY have come to see you speak if I wasn’t LEAVING THE COUNTRY in two months. Shit timing, Charles. Shit timing. Oh and congratulations on your awesome achievement I guess. *sulk*

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