Why My Brain Is Goo, And Other Updates

Yesterday, I crossed the finish line on The Blue Blazes, my next Angry Robot novel in which I write about the conflict between the criminal underworld and the Holy Shit There Are Monsters Living Beneath Our Feet Actual Underworld. The man in the middle is Mookie Pearl, big thug, bad dad, and ugly motherfucker, who finds both sides playing against the middle — and in the middle is the entire population of New York City.

It’s just shy of 100,000 words, my longest novel yet.

I wrote 10,500 words yesterday alone.

The book took me a little under two months to write.

I have no idea if it’s total ass or not. You stare at a painting long enough, eventually, it’s just a blobby mess of colors. That’s the book to me, right now: just an array of words, their quality and context unknown.

I think it’s good. Or at least okay. I know it has some problems I look forward to fixing in the next draft or two. Hopefully you’ll dig it — it’s a little more straight-up urban fantasy for me. High-action, lots of criminal goings-on, lots of weird monsters you won’t find elsewhere — no vampires or werewolves or vampwolves or wizardvamps or sexy succubi, but you will find gobbos, trog-bodies, cankerpedes, roach-rats, milk-spiders, Snakefaces, Vollrath, and the Hungry Ones. And a strange man named “Candlefly.”

The character of Mookie Pearl, by the way, comes out of a short story I wrote called “Charcuterie” that will (er, hopefully) one day be published in this anthology right here. (At this rate, I’m almost wondering if the novel will be out before the short story.)

I’ve heard some awesome news on the cover that will tickle your pink parts as it did mine.

You can, at present, pre-order the novel (which you could apparently do even before I finished it) over at Amazon and BN.com. I’ll assume the date of May 28th is pretty firm? Good stuff.

Holy Crap, io9 Reviews Mockingbird

“All those plot gears do not turn in a wholly straightforward way. What appears to be a simple “find the serial killer” story at first delves down a few blind alleys before unraveling in a bizarre and stunning way. And even when the story does move in a linear manner, it’s highly entertaining.”

That, from Ed Grabianowski’s review of Mockingbird over at io9!

I know the first Blackbirds review was fairly influential for getting people into that book — I heard from a lot of people who told me that review was how they heard about the book and why they bought it. Hopefully this review will do similarly. Check it out, if you’re so inclined.


I have a new batch of interviews I have to get caught up on now that I’m done writing Blue Blazes (and I move into editing Heartland, Book One, and writing Beyond Dinocalypse) — though, I’m thinking that after this batch I might change how interviews are handled here. They’re a fairly small thing but even still, they require just that much extra work from me to write up a second round of questions and read as much of the originating author’s source material as I can muster — I ultimately find that with the writing and blogging I already do, it’s a tricky sitch to force myself back to the computer to go that extra couple of inches.

I’m noodling turning interviews into something more along the lines of what you get with Scalzi’s Whatever — a series of ten questions, say, about a given upcoming release (book, game, film, comic, etc) and the storyteller behind that release. Same questions for everybody, no follow-ups. Thoughts? The other solution would be to have authors write a guest post, instead — something tied to the unofficial mission statement here of talking about story and process and all that jazz, but I think the interview is a greater chance to bring the funny? Fuck, I dunno. Comments, questions, complaints, prayer requests, death threats?

In Which I Slather Myself With Homemade Ice Cream

I have an ice cream maker now, ho ho ho.

(That, written on my t-shirt not in blood but smeary chocolate.)

I made Nutella ice cream as my first attempt and it was guhhh drool sputter.

So good.

Recipe here, except I substituted cream for the milk and added an egg yolk.

Now it’s your turn to give me ice cream recipes and ideas.

Soon, A Merch Test

I will soon sell a few selected pieces of merchandise for a limited time.

Just to see if it’s viable.

Eyes peeled, terribleminders.


  • Interviews: how about letting us know who’s on the line and we can propose some questions, assuming someone out there might be more informed on the material. Questions you can or don’t have to use, but it might be fun to get some pre-reading done to better enjoy the interview session.

    Hey, whatever makes your life easier is fine with me. I’m just happy to get a laugh from your blog every day. That’s my round about way of saying thanks, Chuck!

  • Wow 10,000 words in a day. Can you even watch television after that? Do you have to stare at a wall until your brain nubbin regrows? I love urban fantasy, so it’ll be a read for me.

  • Chocolate ice cream using Ghirardelli dark chocolate (the darker the better).
    Peanut Butter using organic peanut butter.
    Mint chocolate ice cream using vanilla ice cream and crushed up mint oreos.

    I have watched people sort of drift off into a bliss like state letting the peanut butter ice cream melt on their tongue one bite at a time.

  • Peanut butter – but make your own first. Toast the nuts till they are lovely dark brown then grind in a food processor. Organic dark chocolate chips are fabulous.

    Fresh fruit makes pretty amazing ice cream, too. Sweet cherries or strawberries cut into yummy chunks. Mmmm.

  • Wait… you put an uncooked egg into ice cream? You do know that’s supposedly dangerous if its not organic. Chemicals… what can you do?

    One thing I’m hoping from future interviews is that each author will give some of the best advice they have received un the past. Something someone said to them that inspired them and pushed them forward. You do ask them the worst advice they ever recieved… why not the best?

  • In awe of your writing ability. Would definitely be interested in ‘merch’ – bring it on. I’m thinking a nice Blackbirds T-shirt, I have no idea what you are thinking of…

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