Tumblrs Be Trippin’

I want you to go to this Tumblr, right now:

Windows 95 Tips, Tricks, and Tweaks.

Seriously. I know, you’re thinking, “Why do I need Windows 95 tips?”

Just go. Just go.

It appears to be the brain-child of Neil Cicierega, who years back was responsible for the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. You can find Neil on Twitter as neilyourself, presumably a tweak on the Neil Gaiman account, neilhimself.

(There is, as yet, no neilitself or neilherself.)

So now I ask you: recommend some Tumblrs. Interesting, entertaining, single-theme Tumblrs. Not necessarily personal blogs or anything. Funny or weird or whatever. Something I might have missed.

(Also: those looking for interviews: those will be back. Likely after Thanksgiving, as I have to get a second round of questions to a number of victims — I mean, “interviewees.”)


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