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The Key To It All: In Which Pocoyo Explains The Power Of Story And Imagination


(Link in case you can’t see the embed.)

The toddler loves this show, Pocoyo.

Oh, fuck it, who am I kidding? We love it. Shut up. That cartoon kid’s cute. The duck’s awesome.

Don’t judge me, Judgey McJudgerson.


The above episode: I want you to watch it. I mean, I’m going to spoil it here anyway, but it’s worth your eyes. It’s like, five minutes long or something — just hunker down and commit the time.



If ever there’s been something that explains the mighty power of the imagination, it’s this episode. Pocoyo gets a key with the promise that it will open pirate’s treasure — the chest that he eventually discovers the key will open is in fact just filled with more keys.

More keys that open more treasure.

The key opens treasure and the treasure is MORE KEYS.

Holy crap. That’s it.

That is the endless bounty of the imagination.

That is the power of story. One key that leads to more keys — and each key the promise of a new journey, a new story lived, experienced, and then told. A series of doors and chests and the journey to get to them and get through them. Doors and chests that cannot merely be opened but must be unlocked. And what’s powerful is the story surrounding how we unlock those chests and doors.

Fuck yeah.

That is all. You may now go about your day. I just wanted to point you toward this.