Transmissions From Toddler-Town: “Just A Ride”

(song by Jem: “Just A Ride”)

(best viewed, y’know, biggified)

18 responses to “Transmissions From Toddler-Town: “Just A Ride””

  1. That is one ferociously cute kid! And quite the dancer! Thanks for sharing! (Also, your nefarious plan to make us buy ALL THE BOOKS, so as to keep him in Fisher Price and braces and college continues to work like a charm – when may we give you money for Mookie Pearl?)

    Do you mind a question about your childcare situation? Absolutely ignore me if this isn’t something you want to address in general or especially in public. Is B-Dub at home with you while you work? Because I’d be even more amazed by the volume/rate of your creative work, knowing it was sharing brainspace and a timeslot with keeping your little guy fed and happy and documenting his adorability for posterity and terrible minds.

    • B-Dub is at home, aye. All day, most days. My wife and I both work out of the house so it’s kind of a… weird juggly situation. (And, perhaps not unexpectedly, quite hard.)

      — c.

  2. You made me tear up and smile, too. What a gorgeous kiddo. He’s going to be a character, you can tell. Lots going on behind those eyes. What a gift you have created for him in this video. Off to download that great song.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. If there isn’t a law against being that cute, there should be. Oy, my heart! *keels over*

    Srsly, how do you get ANYTHING done other than playing with him???

  4. That kid is awesome. 😀 I love that even on my non-bigified phone screen I could see his brain working, and his life looks like so much fun.

    You will be showing him this video at his wedding, right? 😉

  5. Cute.
    Here’s a story of warning that you’ll forget.
    I had a girlfriend in college whose college age brother would bring home girlfriends to meet the parents. His parents made a point of breaking out old home movies of him from when he was a little kid and showing them to his college girlfriends .
    Some of them showed him in the bath tub. His parents thought it was the cutist thing. He had opposite feelings and was always embarrased by them. He asked them repeatedly to not do it again. They never took his camplaints seriously.

    One time too many… and he took the irreplaceable films and burned them.

    I think they took him seriously after that.


    One more thing. By the time you have three or four more, the kids will be doing the filming and not you. Invest in a mini steady-cam. My daughter’s stuff made the weak of stomach blanch. It was always a rollercoster ride.

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