Hive-Mind Me Some Toddler Books

The tiny human is now one, and he’s also now enamored of books.

He has recently become addicted to Goodnight, Gorilla, which is cute as all get-out.

The other day on Twitter, when I mentioned his newfound adoration of this book and many others (and also his abject disdain for Goodnight, Moon), many folks chimed in with suggestions, including this delightful parody, Goodnight, Dune. So, I figure this is a good time to poll you folks with kids –

Recommend for me some good books! Preferably board books, since that’s what the tot likes.

He just turned one.

We need books.


Recommend away!


  • I got this —

    How’s this for a list?? Books they loved and STILL will not part with.

    #1 by a landslide!! — Counting kisses by Karen Katz

    Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

    Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest

    AND — GO NOW and get your wife You Are My I Love You by Maryann K Cusimano
    This is not a board book.

    just cuz — Here’s my favorite lines;

    I am your carrots sticks;
    you are my licorice.
    I am your dandelion:
    you are my first wish

    I am your favorite book;
    you are my new lines.
    I am your night-light;
    you are my starshine

    Goodnight Moon was already listed by others. Finding the mouse is so huge for them!

  • Hi Chuck. If you have already read the blog post, I left out these ones, under the verse sections (if you haven’t got to it yet, I’ve updated it now, with links). Strange and, in the case of Dirty Beasts, a little twisted, but no child should be without Milligan and Roald Dahl! Not urgent, though. He could be a bit bigger for these ones… ;) Spike Milligans Milliganimals and Silly Verse for Kids and Roald Dahl’s Dirty Beasts.

  • The Tiger Who Came To Tea was a favourite of mine when I was tiny.

    Someone else has mentioned Roald Dahl, but I’d add Revolting Rhymes to her suggestion.

    You’ll probably need to wait a couple of years, but one of my favourite books when I was little (maybe four or five) was The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. It’s seriously sweet and has some nice moments that are still referenced by my family. At one point, the little owl is saying, “It’s not very big, is it, vole. It feels all alone at the bottom of my stomach.” To which, his father replies, “There is no bottom to your stomach.”

    Now, whenever someone in the family wants a second helping of something, that passage gets quoted.

  • I know you said for people with kids to suggest books. I don’t have kids, but, when Bdub gets a little bit older (3-5ish), seek out the Puddle Lane series. I adored these books as a child. They’ve got a great set of characters, great stories and wonderful pictures. They also have a bit for you to read to the kid, and then simple captions in big print and present tense for the kid to read under each of the pictures. My Dad used to make me read the captions before he would read the more detailed parts of the story to me which was probably the best encouragement to learn to read ever.

  • I’m an aunt, which means I get to buy those borderline-inapprpriate books that parent figures blame on me when they get busted for it by uptight mothers in play groups who believe everything in the world will turn your child into Hannibal Lector.

    I’d Really Like to Eat a Child by Sylviane Donnio
    It’s a Book by Lane Smith
    The Gashlycrumb Tinies (in Amphigorey) by Edward Gorey

    I strongly suspect the latter recommendation will appeal to you – even if your offspring is more interested in the fiber content of paper-based products.

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