Blackbirds Giveaway

So, I’m the luckiest writer-boy in the world.

As you’ll note here, Angry Robot failed to notice the curious blue powder I drizzled into their drinks and, as such, were bombed into such a stupor that they decided to re-up with me for another two books. I know, right? What’s wrong with them? Whatever the case, that means that you’ll see a new book from me called The Blue Blazes, and a third (!) Miriam Black book, The Cormorant.

Somewhere in the last year, seems I’ve built for myself a career as a novelist. Blackbirds, Mockingbird, Double Dead, Gods & Monsters, Dinocalypse Now, Beyond Dinocalypse, Dinocalypse Forever, Heartland Book One, Book Two, Book Three, Blue Blazes, The Cormorant, and of course, Bait Dog. It’s like I fell into a big bucket of sweet, sweet story-juice. This in addition to all the other ink I sling.

I’m going to be a busy dude.

And, again, to clarify: lucky, lucky, lucky.

As such, I feel like giving away some copies of Blackbirds.

To win, go to Twitter.

There you will play the, “Tell the world how you die” game.

Play on fear, play on fantasies, be real, be funny, be sad, whatever you want.

In a single tweet, tell the world how you think you’ll die.

Here’s the second — and very important — part.

You must use the hashtag:


Okay? Tag your tweet with that hashtag or I just plum won’t see it.

(And that hashtag will make sense only to those who have read the book.)

I will pick three winners. Three favorites.

The most favoritest will get a signed copy of the book mailed to them.

The other two will receive unsigned copies.

(All mass market paperbacks.)

Open only to those in America, if you please. (International shipping is a bear.)

I’ll accept these until 10PM EST tonight (5/17). At which point I’ll announce the winners shortly thereafter.

You get one entry. Oh, and I get to use them at THIS IS HOW YOU DIE should I so choose.

Go forth and tweet your doom! #carpetnoodle