Bing Bing Bing Bing Bang, Popcorn!

And, boom. Publishers Weekly broke the news:

I’m pleased to announce that my Heartland young adult “cornpunk” trilogy — starting with the book known presently as POPCORN — will be published by Amazon Children’s Publishing. From the article:

Marilyn Brigham at Amazon’s Children’s Publishing bought world rights, for six figures at auction, to Chuck Wendig’s Heartland trilogy. Agent Stacia Decker of the Donald Maass Literary Agency brokered the deal. The series follows a 17-year-old who discovers a secret garden full of rare vegetables in a world where the government only allows the growing of genetically modified corn.

I wrote the first draft of this book last year just after my son was born, and thanks to the mighty wisdom of my agent (and fellow Team Decker author Joelle Charbonneau) was able to cycle it through a couple very robust edits. And, around one year later, it went out on submission and — after tangoing with a few publishers — ended up in very good hands. I’m very excited, totally over the moon, dizzy with disbelief.

I’m told that grown men don’t squee.

But I think it’s time we did.



*falls down cellar steps, breaks ankle*

Full piece here at Publisher’s Weekly.

Other News

Hey, remember Double Dead? Remember that cantankerous old vampire, Coburn — the one vampire in a land of zombies? Mmmyeah, well, he’s back. The e-novella sequel to that book has arrived. It’s called Bad Blood and you can find it at Amazon or B&N, baby. Ketamine cult! Angry children! Lots of zombies! The hills of San Francisco! Alcatraz! And maybe, just maybe, more vampires. Check it, won’t you?

And I feel compelled to again mention Dinocalypse Now — two-fisted jetpack kilt-wearing-ape Atlantean magic psychic dinosaur fun! Click here to pre-order print or to get the e-book (which is available now).

I guest over at the Vodka O’ Clock podcast where I say inappropriate things about the Easter Bunny.

Blackbirds is now rocking 48 very kind reviews at Amazon, and also has garnered another bevy of lovely reviews scattered like knucklebones across the web (links at the bottom of this post). Also, keep your eyes out later this week — I’ll be giving away three copies of the book (print) in a little contest. If you have read the book and feel so inclined to leave another review somewhere, I’d be very gracious. So gracious, in fact, that I will take you for a ride to the moon in my unicorn Lamborghini which is made of dodo bones and smells like cupcakes baked in an angel’s mind and oh hey I think the acid is kicking in.

More Blackbirds Reviews!


51 responses to “Bing Bing Bing Bing Bang, Popcorn!”

  1. I would deny no one the right to squee at news like this. It’s wonderful to see someone talented put in so much work and be rewarded for it. Congratulations!

  2. Well congratu-fucking-lations, Sir Wendig of Pennsyltucky! I do believe you went and done yourself a miiiiighty fine deal there! And if the Heartland series is anywhere near as captivating as the other stuff of your’s I’ve been reading lately, I’m really not at all surprised. Please sign me up for one moon ride in the aforementioned unicorn Lamborghini (I have my own hallucinagenics though thanx). Now go buy the tiny person and your better half some shiny shiny!



    That’s amazing. Awesome. Well done. Fantastic. Totally fucking rad.

    Also: is that a reference to Grosse Pointe Blank? Because that’s cool, too!

  4. Six figures? Jesus Christ dude! I don’t know much about publishing, but I’m guessing a shitton of that actually is actually going into your pocket. Major congrats man, just don’t get cocky and blow it all at Vegas.

  5. My congratulations to you, Chuck. This is a momentous occasion indeed. You have worked very hard, and you deserve this success. Best of luck to you in all of your endeavors!

  6. I think it’s cool when any writer gets a big deal, but I gotta say…it’s always the best reading about a good thing happening to somebody who shares so openly and works so damn hard! Congratulations!

  7. Well done and well earned, sir. You’re genuinely marvelous—you write and we marvel—and it’s a delight to see your deserved success. Go forth and conquer.

  8. Outstanding!

    I have it on good authority that money can be exchanged for goods and services, but more importantly Chuck I must ask you questions WHAT DOES THE MONEY SMELL LIKE

    i have heard stories

    • Thanks, @Imelda — mmm, bacon.

      And @JM — I dunno, I’m not sure my ideas are all that original. I just make up a bunch of crazy stuff and hope it works.

      @Herr Doktor O’Duffy — there is something clinically wrong with my brain, I won’t deny you that. Thanks for the kind words, sir.

      — c.

  9. You know, they say that there are no original ideas and that we’re all just saying the same thing slightly different…but c’mon! How do all of your novel premises rock so hard? I am incredibly jealous of that skullcandy you call a brain.

  10. If anyone can resuscitate an increasingly stale and uniform genre, it’s you, Chuck. Finally: an original YA logline! A huge congrats.

    Additionally, a heads up: your editor is probably going to ask you to take out all those cuss words.

  11. Congratulations, duder. Don’t forget us little peeps, now that you are a zillionaire world-famous author.

    BTW…I have kids and grandkids in the YA age…It would make you blush to hear how they talk.

    I might not be the best role model for them, actually. So says my parole officer.

  12. Squee away! It’s a little known secret that women looooooove to see grown men squee. Just don’t break an ankle, right?

    Massive congrats and so well deserved. Am big grinning for you.

  13. That’s fantastic news that not only are you getting to write some more stuff that I’m sure to love, but that they’re throwing a bunch of money at you to do it. That means hopefully you won’t starve to death or run out of booze before you write even more books for me to read. I like this vicious circle

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