No Go For The Terribleminds Kickstarter

Alas — there shall be no terribleminds Kickstarter. Though I pitched it as a finite creative project with a start and finish (meaning, a total revamp and redesign of the site to enhance user functionality), they still deemed it a life-funding project. Which is a shame (and I disagree with the assessment), but there it is.

So, now to puzzle what else I can/should Kickstart.

The two options on the table so far:

a) a Bait Dog Kickstarter (i.e. the next Atlanta Burns story, this one a full novel)

b) an original writing book featuring brand new non-blog content geared toward storytelling in all its forms — loose title, The Penmonkey’s Guide To Giving Good Story.

Third options would include other novels I have kicking around, but I’m not yet willing to put them on the table yet. Still need to noodle some of those and the paths they might take.

Taking opinions if you have any.


  • I’m beginning to think that the Kickstarter people have no clue what they are doing. Money for a website revamp is life funding but that 50 books in 1 year guy was a legit project…

    • I admit I’m unclear why it’s not a good fit — I mean, again, I wasn’t pitching it as a “I need an hourly wage,” but tweaked the original idea to be a site redesign. If someone can open a glass blowing studio, I don’t see why I can’t “open” a website? Seems shortsighted in terms of how you marry creative + tech, but I’m not Kickstarter. They must have totally valid reasons for going that way and they are quite successful with what they do.

      I suppose I could try the site redesign at IndieGogo.

      — c.

  • I think Kickstarter is a great idea for “next novel in a series” for self-published authors. It’s a no-brainer. While not everyone who would buy the book will join your campaign, or even learn about it, it sounds like a good way to gauge interest among your fanbase.

    • The worry about “next novel in series” (which I am considering) is that a good majority of the Atlanta Burns reading base came out of the free promotion. It’s a tough guess figuring out whether or not I can capitalize funds leveraged off an audience who earned the first book free. And if I can even *reach* those people (probably not; Amazon doesn’t let me communicate with the buyers).

      — c.

  • I think you use the word ‘kick’too much!:) Just to let you know, your interview on Lost in Fiction was the most read post in summer 2011, happy? I really enjoy your writing, especially the way you write fiction, therefore I would suggest you kick away all those crappy idea and you delight us with another indie fiction book, LOVED Irregular Creature! On the other hand, I read your old posts about queries and I was wondering if you are aware of the fact that, now, the whole query shouldn’t longer than 250-160 words. And with ‘the whole query’I mean including ‘dear Agent’ and ‘regards whatthefuck’. Does it mean that the numeber of submissions are increasing, so that agents don’t have the time anymore, or does it simply mean they are getting lazy? Which one? Looking forward to your wise answer. Kick another fiction book, PLEASE! And get another DOG, this one left will feel lonely!!

  • I like both of those ideas. I just finished Shotgun Gravy and I am itching for the sequel…. but as a writer I would love to read about your take on making a good story.

  • I still think ads on terribleminds is the way to go. It’ll fund your blogging on a continuous basis, though you won’t get that sudden influx of money for a site redesign like you would have with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

    Or you could have premium content. You blog every day now– maybe make Monday, Wednesday, and Friday public, but put Tuesday and Thursday behind a pay wall along with some portion of the archives.

    I can see pluses and minuses for each of those, but they’re something to consider.

  • Oh noes!!!!!

    What about the blog? I needs ma fix! I completely, totally, wholeheartedly understand that blogging is very time consuming, and you have precious little free time as it is. But there’s got to be a way to make the blog earn it’s keep, so to speak. Sure, it’s good marketing. I bought your books because I’d read the blog for a long time and loved the content. Maybe you could do a post asking people what they felt comfortable with as far as funding the blog? I don’t know how you feel about ads, but there should at the very least be a donate button, I think.

    I think doing a Kickstarter novel is a good idea as well. I was thinking the advice book would be best, because I also wondered how easily you would transition the people who bought SHOTGUN GRAVY for free to a Kickstarter campaign, but then, I also know nothing of these things…

  • I will support this venture, but only if the book cover depicts steven king performing oral sex on a German pre-war typewriter.

    Also, your writing makes me wish I had an uterus just to bring forth your children. Oh well, next life maybe. Still, thanks.

  • *is completely discombobulated because she has no idea what a kickstarter is and is probably making herself look stoooopid but what else is new so . . . she saunters away, all la tee dah . . . before anyone even notices . . . “

  • Have you tried looking into one of the other websites like IndieGoGo? I had a friend who used them for a campaign for a writing residency. Basically, it paid to put a roof over her head for a month so she could concentrate on writing.

  • Consarnit!

    Well, add my vote to the ‘slap an ad on it’ or premium-contact options, for what it’s worth. This blog is a daily visit for me, even if I don’t always show my appreciation with a comment or a piece of deranged flash fiction. I’m always happy to flash some green – er, Paypal to keep your bearded froth-pipes flowing.

    Furthermore – that’s a hot cover. I want Bait Dog bad. Real bad.

  • Did anyone recommend to you? I’m pretty sure they’re cool with life-funding operations (especially ones that aren’t actually life-funding like that one), I mean it’s what the Extra Credits guys used to raise money for their artist Allison’s surgery.

  • Nice cover for Bait Dog. You should consider contracting yourself out to self-pubbers. There’s still a lot of crap covers flowing out the pipeline.

    I’m not a fan of ads on a website and yours is a good look…but I’d punch a donate button every so often because I enjoy visiting here and new content is a big draw. Even when I’m too busy to write flash I still drop by most evenings for a peek.

    Other than books, I know you’ve considered paraphernalia. I could use a penmonkey coffee cup.

  • I’m a big fan of your books on writing so I’d quickly vote for “The Penmonkey’s Guide To Giving Good Story”, but the other option sounds good as well. Still, if I had to choose it’d be “The Guide.”

  • It’s about language and how you pitch it, I think. They said no to me and then I revamped it and they said yes, although we didn’t make our goal.

    If you want to try again, I would be so bold to help you revamp it.

    And yes, I want more Atlanta Burns, with or without kickstarter. Which reminds me, I need to do a review. Arghhh. Distracted Writer. Good Idea Fairy is dumping on me today.

  • Okay, fuck Kickstarter, who needs them anyway. Why can’t you do something similar right here on Terribleminds? That is just one company with an idea, they can’t be the only game in town.

    If you are still intent on using those emm effers then perhaps you can kick start a new book idea that you are prepared to start writing.

  • I’d totally pay money for Bait Dog. The biggest problem is that my only platform for reading ebooks is…my cell phone. And I’m having trouble getting over my reluctance to read an entire novel on a 5.5 inch screen.

    I’m working on it, though.

  • Hey Chuck, phooey on the the Kickstarter thing. I think the writing book is probably a flier. writers get how much time it takes to do stuff and I think would be up for pre-funding something they know will be worthwhile.

    But in the meantime and as well, what about one of those ‘if you like what i’m doing, drop me some cash’ buttons on the blog? I’m sure I have seen them on other blogs and I have even obliged on occasion. It’s better than ads and i don’t think anyone would mind. It isn’t compulsory, after all. you could also advertise your books for sale under the button, if you feel shy about just asking for cash, but do think about providing that option for people to support your work. I have already bought the books. i don’t need them again, but I value the work you put into the blog and I, for one, would not mind putting a dollar value on my appreciation from time to time.

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