Transmissions From Baby-Town: “Everyday”

Everyday from Chuck Wendig on Vimeo.

I generally give my Sundays over to writing the Mon / Tues / Weds blogs posts for this here website you have found yourself visiting. That’s the normal thing. The plan. The schtick. This Sunday, however, I was forced to give my day toward sitting around in the dark.

Listening to trees groan, shatter, and collapse in the woods.

Listening to branches hurled at our house.

Watching the waters rise at the road, making it impassable.

Oh, Hurricane Irene. You silly bitch.

Anyway! Point being, this week might be a bit lighter on the ol’ blogposts than usual. Oh, you’ll still get your content. You shivering addicts, you. Don’t worry, baby birds. Daddy will regurgitate into your mouths.

Right! Speaking of baby birds, as you can see, I give you: my first home video.

I can smell the excitement wafting off you like cat pee soaked long into an old carpet. Home video. The name alone conjures confetti, cake, bacon, and a small armada of temple slaves here to do your bidding.

Here at terribleminds I talk a lot about our new son, He-Who-Is-Nicknamed “B-Dub,” and this time I thought maybe I’d show you him in motion. From Then until Now. I apologize in advance for the diabetes and cavities this will cause you. He’s very high on the Glycemic Index, this baby. Just too sweet. Whatever. You’re going to deal with it and you’re going to watch it and if you’re a dude you’re going to grow ovaries.

Also: this is my first experiment with iMovie. Took me a bit to get the hang of the program — which isn’t hard, but remember I’ve never used a Mac before — so, feel free to deposit iMovie tips in the comments.

Please to enjoy.


  • First, congratulations on your first iMovie masterpiece. All those iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD programs will come in very handy now that you’ve gone and co-created such a darling, photogenic babe who will be compelling you to rush to your camera.

    Second, congratulations on surviving, Irene. Here’s hoping the clean-up outside will not be too burdensome.

    Third, congratulations on becoming a Dada — the tippet-top profession there is next to being a Mama. Enjoy these miracle-a-day early years with B-dub.

  • Glad to hear you guys got through Irene. It was basically a nothing event up where I am.

    As far as B-dub goes, he’s cute. Also, his eyes track you like a predator watching its next meal. Watch out!

  • He is an active little booger! Very cute, I can’t show this to my wife as she is already hitting me up for number 5. Glad you survived Irene!

  • Okay, Wendig…I’m not even all that much into babies, but that’s a mighty cute way to begin the week, there! B-Dub’s a lucky l’il grunion to have such a cool scotch-swillin’, hard-writin’ father!

  • That is a very cute and alert baby. You’re lucky to have him.

    Could you do a video or some shots of him and the dog? When my daughter was that age, she would turn bright red and squeal with delight when she saw an animal. The animals always liked it, and wanted to interact with her.

  • “Everyday” is the first film for newcomer B-Dub Wendig, a coming of age piece that is sure to touch home with it’s target audience, faceless drooling masses addicted to the directors typical drivel. “Everyday” also marks the directorial debut of Chuck Wendig, and I don’t think it is any coincidence that Wendig decided to cast his own son in the starring role; in a time when the economy is weak and producers are struggling to meet the demanding salaries of some of Hollywood’s A-listers, bringing some fresh blood into Tinsel Town is a welcome relief.

    So what can I say about “Everyday”? Where Wendig usually dispenses complex metaphors and profanity, this film is a very endearing back-to-basics move for the director, dispensing with the usual angst and chaos that he is so well known for. “Everyday” hits home and it hits home hard, and the frankly shocking performance by B-Dub really brings to life what is a bland, yet will written, script. Let’s face it, these types of movies have proliferated the market since the very beginning. You won’t find something new with “Everyday”, but you will remember why you love the genre so much. Also of note is a cameo appearance by Michelle Wendig, who breaks her usual type-casting and is without a drink throughout the entire film.

    I would recommend ‘Everyday”. It is soft, warm, and fuzzy – and while that may be considered trite in our modern world, sometimes it is nice to get back to basics and just enjoy watching a film, instead of analyzing every line (of which there are remarkably few). Two thumbs up.

  • DAMN YOU. I just watched the video and spontaneously grew a *second set* of ovaries.

    That is one alert baby. I can see great and/or frightening things ahead in your future. But he’s adorable, so you won’t know if you’ve passed from “we’ve got a wicked smart little munchkin” straight into “scary diabolocal child genius” territory until it’s really too late and the gene splicing machine is already assembled and you’ve suddenly got tiny, vicious velociraptins scurrying around your yard.

    Glad to hear you didn’t get too much of the bad side of Irene, too. Hurricanes. They sure do suck.


    Currently incubating a baby myself, just at 16 weeks, so whenever I feel the panic of not having a single clue of what I am doing I will just watch this video over and over.

  • What big eyes he has! Haha. I can just see you dragging this file up years later to embarrass him (my parents did it to me. Fortunately no one has VHS tapes anymore, so that incident can’t repeat itself without a lot more effort).

    Chuck, I highly recommend the blog “Mommy Shorts.” It’s a humor blog by a mom with a toddler and a lot of attitude. And adorable short videos like this one. 🙂

  • What a cutie! I meant B-Dub, of course, you silly Penmonkey. This video made me realize that I haven’t been living up to my resolution to embarrass my kid more. I really need to get right on that. Splice together a bunch of her baby videos, post ’em on the ‘net. She’ll thank me later. Okay, maybe not.

  • See you’ve found the high-end mechanical baby-sitter: the wind-up swing. It saved our hides for our two.

    Next file, toss in some kittens and maybe puppies, too. Gotta show some admiring fans.

    Keep up the fantistic work.

  • What a cutie! And that’s not just my opinion, my Mom also thought he was unbelievably cute when I just said to her “Pst, wanna see a cute baby video on the internet?”

  • So…I read the conversation/discussion/argument/filibuster about pricepoint over yonder at Google+ and felt depressed. Then I came here and watched B-Dub work his magic smile and now I feel better.

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