Gone Fishing

We here at terribleminds (and by “we” I mean myself and whatever multiple personalities have splintered from the core persona at any given moment in time) have decided to –

*crash of thunder*

Take weekends off from this point forward.

Dry your eyes, pretty ponies. Be still your trembling hearts. Do not wail! Gnash not your teeth. Okay, you can gnash them a little. It makes me feel loved when you tear clumps of hair from your head and punch holes in your dry wall. I will allow you this rage-fed luxury. Just take pictures.

But, yeah. Weekends from now on are, generally speaking, a “no new post” or, rather, “post-free” zone. Reason being, I’m busy as hell. That’s only going to get worse when the Heir to Der Wendighaus — aka “Poop Monster” or “Chubbs McCoy” or any other host of unruly made-up nicknames — is born this spring. Ironically, I’m not actually taking the weekends off so much as I am using some of my weekend time to prep blog posts for the week. As it stands now I tend to tackle a new post the night before I post it, but I’d like a little extra dollop of lead-time whenever possible.

So, that’s the scoop, lords and ladies.



    Why, Gods? WHY?

    Have a fun weekend!

  • Yarp, planning on doing the same thing when I have a sprogling of my own. Will miss your wild-eyed ramblings all the same. May have to get a life.*

    Louise Curtis


  • Oh gods, what a relief. It’s about damn time.

    Seriously, Wendig, this “we’re open 24/7″ blog nonsense was making the rest of us slackers look bad. We were taking up a collection to hire someone to put a stop to it, frankly.

    Oh geez, FINE then. Stop pouting. Here’s a bloody clump of hair. No, it’s not mine.

  • While definitely not of the same caliber as here, I had to make the same decision last year with Reality Refracted. Going weekends free has been a big help for keeping things going relatively smoothly while school and work tries to kill me.

  • I just did the same thing with my own blog! Of course, now I’m itching to put a post up, but I’m going to write it and schedule it if I absolutely have to get it down. Weekends are for reading and doing fun things — and while the blog is fun, it still counts as work.

    I need a Sabbath too, y’all!

    I commend this plan. :)

    Lisa Kilian

  • Once your mini-me is here, weekdays will likewise be rough. Been there twice . . . ended up sleeping in my car during lunch breaks at work. There’s a reason for the cliched plethora of jokes about having kids:

    It’s all true. And good. Congrats, well wishes and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

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